Monday, October 29, 2012

The Pain of Mayne: What to do with Stephen

Now that Steven Mayne is elected to the Melbourne Council the powers that be are trying hard to decide how best deal with him,.  Mayne has no friends in Council apart from a loose alliance with the Greens and the possibility of influencing Jackie Watts who was elected on the back of Gary Morgan's ticket.

Whats not well known is that Stephen Mayne is also beholden to Morgan.  Mayne does not live in the City of Melbourne, his enrollement entitlement on the Municipal roll is recorded as

Mayne Stephen David Part Mezzanine 401 Collins Street Melbourne

401 Collins Street is of course the address for Roy Morgan Research.  Mayne appears to have a desk located somewhere on the Mezzanine.

No doubts there are some people looking closely at Stephen Mayne's entitlement and his eligibility to become a City Councillor.  If a challenge to Stephen Mayne's election  was successful then his number two candidate,  Michele Anderson, would be next in line to be elected.  We suspect that Mayne will survive any  entitlement challenge but it is unclear if he will win any real influence at the table in negotiations. Mayne will not be trusted. Mayne's  history like a a lead weight will slow down his influence or grab for power.

We can expect Mayne to be on the outer, but good media copy, as he tries to pry open the inner workings of the Council's dirty linen closet.  Attempts to try and win over Mayne by offering him a role in the Council Chamber would be like replacing the household cat with a Hyena  or a Skunk.

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