Saturday, October 06, 2012

Bicycling Melbourne vs Road Safety. What do you the commuter think?

Do Melbourne bicycling lanes work or are they a risk to public safety and road users in general?

We have seen a massive increase in the number of bicycling lanes throughout the city and there is growing concern that they are not working and poorly planned. Major traffic routes have been compromised with lanes reduced to single file, city congestion is made worst. Many bike lanes are under utilized and there are better alternative routes. 

There has been no consultation or review.  The City planners are quick to paint lines and lay down green ashfelt in an effort top create Km of bike lanes so that they can add to the statistics that allow Melbourne to claim they are bike friendly, but are they safe for cyclists? 

Bicycle lobby groups such as BUG and Bicycle Victoria, funded by government grants, push for more and more bike paths through out the city. But there has been no comrehensive study ro review or where Melbourne is heading.  The bike paths are hinder traffic movement and create a false sense of safety.  Bikes often over take cars on the left causing potential serious accidents as cars try to navigate the city streets.

The City traffic management plans makes no provisions for motorbikes or scooters?  Many of the bicycle lanes could be shared by commuters during peak hour avoiding the need for motobikes and scooters to lane split.  Many bike paths are better located on side streets where there is no traffic.

We need a rethink of where our Bike paths are taking us. 

Tell us what you think.  BUG has refused to publish out reply to their survey so we want to ask you, residents and visitors of the City what you think? 

It is time to take back our street.

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