Friday, October 05, 2012

BUG me not

Bicycle Users Group (BUG) Spokesperson, Nik Dow, accused of bias in the organsitaions publication and assessment of Candidate responses to their survey. Mr van der Craats, Independent Candidate in the City of Melbourne Municipal Election, said that he had replied to BUG's survey request and even though he had done so the organisation failed to make mention or publication of the reply.

In a wrongly worded letter Mr Dow claimed Mr van der Craats had not replied.  "This is false. Copies of my response was forwarded to Mr Dow via return email on September 28 and published on my blog"

Mr Dow's reply dated October 4, 2012

Hi, sorry but you didn't respond to our questionnaire, and that is what we stated on our website.  


Nik Dow
Office: 03 9948 4039
6/165 Flinders Lane

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