Tuesday, June 26, 2012

City Councillors battle it out for State Seat

Melbourne City Councillors seek election to the State seat of Melbourne. Incumbent City Councillors, Jennifer Kanis (ALP), and Cathy Oke (Greens) will battle it out against former Melbourne City Councillor and local Pharmacist David Nolte (Independent).

David Nolte is well known in Carlton and surrounding areas. His close association with the Liberal Party is also a factor in this election.

The Liberal Party has decided to not endorse a candidate for the election and as such the election is wide open.

In 2010 the Liberal Party polled 28% of the vote The Greens 32% and the ALP 36%.

David Nolte is competing against serial candidate and controversial Manningham (Templestowe) Councillor Stephen Mayne for the conservative vote.

David Nolte is expected to pickup the lion's share of the Liberal party vote and come in third ahead of Steven Mayne. Both Mayne and Nolte along with Family First, the DLP and the Australian Christians are all preferencing the ALP ahead of the Greens giving the ALP a clear lead in the outcome of the election.

The ALP and David Nolte are both the beneficiary of the "Donkey Vote" estimated to be worth 3% to 5%. Sex Party swinger, Fiona Pattern, is expected to poll 4% to 6% on the party name alone.

Election Day is Saturday, July 21.

An Early voting centre has been set up at Level 1, Urban Workshop 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne for those voters who are unable to attend a polling place on election day

Too smart by half. Candidate in breach of Victorian Legilstaion

Candidate alleged to be in breach of Victorian Electoral Laws may be subject to six months to five years imprisonment for publishing false and misleading information.(84, 93
148 of the Victorian Electoral Act)

The information on the HTV Card published on the candidate's web site advocates that voters to cast an informal and invalid vote. Section 94 of the Act requires that voters indicate preferences for all candidates in order of preference sections 84 and 148 list a possible prison sentence of six months to five years imprisonment for the publication of false and misleading information likely to deceive voters.

Section 84 provides a defense for the publication of false and misleading information if the person responsible was not aware of the error. This would be extremely difficult for Gerrit Schorel-hlavka as he is the person who has authorised the offending material

Gerrit Schorel-hlavka also claims he is a Lawyer in spite the fact that he is not a registered solicitor or barrister. Complaints against the candidate have been lodged with the Victorian Electoral Commission who is investigating the alleged breaches.

If found guilty of contravening the Act Mr Schorel-hlavka would be prevented from running for state elections