Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spanning Melbourne: 40 Years on

In memory of those who died that fatal day. A day that I and many remember well. Every time I drive over that bridge I think if this event and I am sure many others also do.

Oh Williamstown, Oh Williamstown why did the Westgate Bridge fall down.

It came down with a thundering roar and all the men knew they were dead for sure.

Oh how the women and children cried knowing that the men had died.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We live in interesting times

Today is 10-10-10

In 10 days time it will be 20-10-2010.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Bob Cameron calls it a day as the community celebrates

Embattled and disgraced Bob Cameron has announced his resignation from State Parliament. His resignation is long overdue and he will not be missed. Cameron's Seat in Bendigo was in doubt as it was listed as one of the ALPs seats that could be lost.

Bob Cameron will be remembered for his disastrous term as Local Government Minister and his decision to adopt a directly elected Lord Mayor or Melbourne. The process of review undertaken by Bob Cameron of the City of Melbourne was a behind closed doors approach. No submissions were published . It was difficult to determine exactly on what basis Cameron supported or recommended the direct election model. The Melbourne Ratepayer's Association opposed the direct election model as did the various residential associations citing a lack of accountability and a distortion in the representative structure. Many submissions advocated an increase in the size of the Council and the need for the Lord Mayor to be elected by the City Council. Requests that fell on death ears.

If Melbourne is to continue to retain the direct election option it needs to separate the role of chairman from the office of the Lord Mayor, The number of Councillors need to be increased from seven to nine.

Cameron's departure is a welcomed move.