Monday, March 22, 2010

Kanis holds no support on ALP Conference delegation

Melbourne City Councillor, JENNIFER KANIS, received no support in a ALP local plebiscite for ALP State Conference. volting close on Sunday March 21.

The State Conference is the State ALP's main policy formation body. It is somewhat embarrassing for a sitting Local Councillor to not receive any support, not even her own vote or that of her family members. It certainly undermines her position on the City Council.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Making sense of Hisense: Stadiums versus service

Talk about poor quality service.

Hi have a Hisence TV which is in need of repair./ I called the Hisense support hot-line to inquire about the cost of a new LCD screen. The on queue telephone message was value is not confusing and poorly implemented. (This was the first impression I got and it was not good.) There was no clear indication of what number to press and nor was there any means of going back to the main menu.

I eventually got though to a service representative, who would only give her name as Jessica, she was responsible for processing warranty claims. I wanted spare parts sales.

She babbled on something about calling back the national hotline number and speaking to some other department which was not listed on the menu option. She then advised she could provide me with a quote but before she could she needed to collect a host of information such as name address. All I wanted was a price for a new screen. Instead I had to fill in information that to be honest I am reluctant to have stored in someones database, information that I will have no control over. I do not give out my address to anyone, I am even on the silent voters list as I value my privacy now why would I and why should I have to provide all these details when all I wants was a price ion a spare part?

When I questioned Jessica about all this she was not helpful. She said if I do not wish to provided personal detailed information I would need to call back and speak to the National Office.

I followed her advise and did just that... but there was no menu option for the National Office and if I selected 9 I was directed back to to the main menu.

All this has given me little cause to support Hisense as a manufacture. They do not the meaning of service or support. Their technical support service has very little to offer and basically I would not recommend anyone buy Hisense at all.

What I should have done was do a google on Hisense support before I bought their TV. (Mind you there is nothing wrong with the design of their TV it's the after sales service that's the main issue at fault. Poorly trained staff, bad management is their main problem. I am not the first and no doubts will not be the last.

They may have their name on a stadium but in all honesty they would so better following the advice of Warren Buffet. Nothing can can lead more to success then good old fashion honest efficient sales service. Stadium names

Transport Policy free zone

The Brumby government's idealistic road traffic plan has already failed, evebn before it has been launched. The proposals publish in the the Age last month failed to address any concerns or needs for motorcyclists/scooter riders.

Motor Scooters in particular play a major role in the urban transport system and the government needs to do much more to assist in their safe usage of the road infrastructure.

Small motorcyclists should be able to share the the bus/bicycle lanes where appropriate.

Where is the MRA on this issue? Where is the city Council's policy development? And why had the news papers not taken up this issue?

Unless the government can take into consideration all modes of transport the new road use will only be half baked notion, whilst giving an impression of doing something isbeing doomed to fail.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Doyle axes LM001 Driver

It has taken over 10 years but Melbourne City Council has finally axed the Lord Mayor's Limo driver. Introduced by disgraced one term Lord Mayor Ivan Deveson.

The City Council went to extraordinary steps to prevent the disclosure of costs associated with the Lord Mayors Limousine and it was only recently thanks to ex City Councillor Fiona Snedden that the costs were finally accounted for in the City Councillor Expense Statements.

The reports in the Melbourne Leader have not made mention of the City Council funded Deputy Lord Mayor's Car which does not have a driver but never the less cost rate payers 10,000 of dollars.