Thursday, October 30, 2008

Man overboard

John So's refugees face tragedy at sea

John So "Melbourne living" cargo ship come transit boat has hit an iceberg and the members of John So's crew have abandoned ship and taken to the high waters grabbing on to whatever floats. Some face political drowning whilst the others are desperately treading water and one has all the comfort of an ocean cruise liner captained by a drunken sailor.

The tide has turned and they no longer have the luxury of signing up for a berth on the good ship "So"

Garry "The Steward" Singer and Catherine "First-mate" Ng have both launched separate dingies and have chosen the float or drown option of being captain-in-charge of their own destiny, both hoping to become the admiral of the flotilla of sinking boats. Only one can survive and there are a number of outsider boats competing for the same wave and share of John So's 30% of the vote he received back in 2004 when the weather conditions offered smooth sailing. Their competition is tough and they face the risk of being scuttled by a number of war ships and pirate ships and cruise liners patrolling the ocean.

Whilst John So's steward and first-mate are looking for a promotion the crew has taken matters into their own hands and have all clung on to other ships life boats passing by in the night

Carl "The bosun's quartermaster" Jetter has climb on board the luxury cruise liner which has steamed into the swell causing a wash and wave that could sink other boats in its wake. The good ship "Doyle" whose second in charge is an old friend and comrade in arms of Jetter's from past voyages. Carl Jetter has the only guaranteed 'Bon Voyage' safe harbour of all of John So's refugees and thanks to The "Doyle" life line he will be able to retain his sea-mans ticket.

The companies agent and Captain John So's personal navigator Kevin Louey has signed up to the McMullin line as their first-mate. He hopes to bring to McMullin's table the business and trade left to float ashore and available to anyone to claim under the law of the sea salvage rights.

The crews "Health and safety" officer Kevin Wilson has launched a humanitarian aid rescue effort and has jumped on board the Pirate ship of "Good Will Hope" sailing under the flag of the Fowles Auction house cargo ship containers under the Socialist left transportation policy guidelines and memorandum.

The Adam Brandt salvage tugs is also on the scene looking for any environmental effects`and stranded whales that may need rescuing as the thick oil begins to spread.

All, with the exception of the Boson Jetter, have a tough time trying to stay afloat in the sea as the storm approaches and communications are cut. Back at port the Herald Sun and Age cover the news as relatives of the John So's passengers and goods owners and investors look on unsure of their immediate future.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fowles calls for funds disclosure

fails to publish his own costs

Lord Mayor hopeful Will Fowles has called for all Candidates running for Lord Mayor to disclose early their campaign expenditure before the poll.

Will Fowles Calls for Campaign Finance Disclosure.

This a cheap grab for headlines as all candidates will have to submit a declaration of expenditure and fundraising as required under new legislation.

Although Fowles has called on candidates to disclose early (how they can account for the cost of the campaign when the campaign is not yet completed is a bit problematic I would think.)

What's more troubling is that Will Fowles has not lead by example and published his expense statement. Maybe he is waiting for others to show their hand first - but it would make more sense if he published his statements and then called on others to do likewise.

Council in the making

Whilst preference deals are underway a quick look at the form guide indicates that that the results of the election should be known sometime tomorrow. Odds are no single grouping will elect more then one candidate.

Musical Chairs to the tune of "Don't let me down"

There are nine identifiable groups made up of the usual suspects, running for seven council positions. Two possibly three minor groups will miss out. That means any person on two or higher numbered preference will be scratched out early in the count. The only groups expected to secure more then a quota and have a surplus is the Doyle/Jetter ticket, The Greens and McMullin. Fowles and Ng's Council tickets will come close but are expected to be just below quota without a surplus. There will be a contest and struggle for poll position for the last two spots which should see either Clark or Snedden elected with an even more outside chance of both or maybe a Doyle's number two or Garry singer coming up he middle straight and crossing the finish line. First grouping to miss out will be Wellington Lee (A past City Councillor with a good track record of community service), then a toss up between Garry Singer and the Resident's Collective. They will be the ones to watch to see where there preferences are allocated. Preference deals have to be finalised by Monday and we should be able to assess the likely outcome soon after publication of registered tickets

Confused? Think of it like a game of musical chairs where there is less seats then contestants/groups. When the music stops the scrum for a seat is determined by who has the most weight/votes. It's all in the order of elimination which in turn is influenced by the flow of preferences and surplus value of the four leading candidates.

Melbourne City Council

Lord Mayor "Leadership Team"

List of candidates running for the win or die Lord Mayor leadership team. (In ballot paper order)

6CRAWFORD, Robert KingKENNEDY, Michael
7ROBERTS, ShelleyFARAH, Abdiaziz

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Melbourne City Council

Council Nominations

List of Candidates (Ballot paper Oder) for seven Councillor positions

Melbourne's Spring Carnival

Jockeys, trainers and horses line up at the barrier for the LM chains

Another Liberal team has entered the field and announced their entry for the big event.

Prominent racehorse owner Nick Columb has declared he'll be a starter in the race to be Melbourne lord mayor. Nick Columb's stable includes the Melbourne City Councillor Fiona Snedden, daughter of Sir Billy Snedden, former Federal Liberal party leader in the 1970's.

Unlike Robert Doyle's Team the Columb/Snedden team has close ties to the Melbourne community. But as talent, skill and form mean little in show business and the race for Lord Mayor is more about smoke and mirrors then substance.

Whilst not a favourite it is still a team to watch and a serious contender for the long shot. Columb and Snedden should receive considerable backing from the conservative small business and resident community.

Shock Horror

Just when we thought the race for LM was safely in the bag

Race goers, punters and jockeys will know who will be lining up at the starts when nominations for city Council close later today.

After much speculation Robert Doyle, Chairman of Melbourne Health and former State Opposition Liberal party leader confirmed his intention to run for Lord Mayor.

His nomination catapulted him into the favourite position and has upped the anti and expectations of the who could win the race.

Shock horror revealed on the publication form guide

In a surprising, if not alarming situation, Robert Doyle has made his first huge mistake in the campaign. Whilst Robert is a noteworthy candidate the same can not be said for his choice of team members. Robert must have been struggling to find running mates before the deadline for nominations. His ticket includes John So's failed and rejected Deputy Lord Mayor, Susan Riley, and the the quintessential clown and bag man Carl "Jetset" Jetter. Both Jetter and Riley have a reputation of spending up big on "free" Council funded trips abroad and other questionable benefits perks and perks of being elected to the City Council. Susan Riley in her last few months as John So former Deputy Lord Mayor spent over $20,000 of ratepayers money on a trip to Russia. Susan Riley was not considered star material and John So dumped her for Garry Singer at the 2004 election. Susan has now attached herself to Robert Doyle's bid for public office in order to get a second go at the trough. Carl Jetter another one of John So's despondent stable and close associate of Susan Riley has managed, without any merit, to slide himself into Doyle/Riley's number one Council position virtually securing his election to the City Council.

The Riley/Jetter baggage has significantly reduced Robert Doyle's form and chances of winning the November race.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Robert Doyle pushes the button and nominates for Lord Mayor

Former leader of the State Opposition Robert Doyle has declared his running for Lord Mayor.

Robert Doyle

After weeks of speculation Robert announced his decision on Radio 3AW Neil Mitchell’s programme. Mitchell has been actively promoting Doyle's candidature for well over one month.

Doyle is now in the hot seat, "The one to beat", and clearly the favourite to win the keys to the Lord Mayor's Limo.

Other race contenders include Gary Morgan (Liberal supporter), Adam Brandt(Greens), Peter McMullin (ALP), Catherine Ng (John So's Living Melbourne), Gary Singer (ALP - John So's Living Melbourne), Will Fowles (ALP Left). All other players are not on the bookies race card.

To hear a short extract of the Doyle’s announcement click here

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catherine Ng declares her bid for the 'Keys to the Limo'

John So's refugees scramble to cling on to whatever and whoever to stay afloat

John So's number one, Catherine Ng, calls it a day by makeing a bold bid to grab the cash and try and win the keys to the Lord Mayor's Limo on a win or quit gamble.

No longer able cling on to the coat tails of John So's possum skin, Catherine Ng has opted to run for the do or die position of Lord Mayor.

John So's team has fractured into many parts signaling that John So is not be able to directly influence or appoint his successor.

Without their Captain, John So's bunch of pirates are left high and dry and desperate to find a life boat or opportunity to cling to a lifebuoy to remain Council.

Catherine Ng choice of Deputy includes out-of-work Terry Makings, former Melbourne City Council employee who was caught up in the Parking Officer's scandal and corruption allegations that saw a number of staff including Alison Lyons leave the employment of the Council last year.

Catherine Ng will face heavy weights Robert Doyle and Peter McMullin (McClown) for the 'grab for the Limo keys' race in November. Peter McMullin, who stood against John So in 2001 and lost, is expected to team up with John So's Chief of Staff Kevin Louey for his comeback challenge . Peter McMullin was dumped from the Deputy Lord Mayor's role in 1997 after only serving one-year of a thee-year-term of office and failed to be recruited to the City Council in 1999. His political career looking decisively bleak in Melbourne he took up the offer by his mate and former CEO, Micheal Malouf, to move to smaller show based in Geelong where he was appointed Ring Master Clown of one ring circus.

Socialist left, Will Fowles, 'Surveillance lead recovery' candidate has teamed up with another of John So's refugees, Cr Wilson, in what looking to become a 'How to spend a millionaire's fortune' and lose campaign. Will Fowles has not had a positive start to his campaign and came a cropper in his fist major radio interview.

The Greens, Adam Ant, is relying on the Greens brand name and a bicycle safe city ride and preferences deals.

Jeff Kennett and Anne Peacock have dropped out of the race even though the competition is not that great.

Former Liberal Leader , Robert Doyle, is still pondering his future and is undecided if MrT gold chains and robes is his style. He is ecpectedtomake an announcement next week.

So if you have a few grand you want to spend and you think you are a media star time is running out for you to put your hand up and be counted. Deadline for nominations closes on October 28.

Mayoral hopeful Catherine Ng safe streets pledge

Source: Herald-sun

MELBOURNE councillor Catherine Ng has launched her bid to be the city's lord mayor, with a promise of late-night safety officers.

Cr Ng said the Safe City Ambassadors trial would be the first step to making central Melbourne safer.

Twenty ambassadors would work in pairs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, at a cost of $1 million, offering help to revellers.

Cr Ng is a member of incumbent Lord Mayor John So's team, and has been on the council for seven years.

Her deputy would be Terry Makings, who was assets and services director at Town Hall until last year.

Cr Brian Shanahan will have the No. 1 position on Cr Ng's C Melbourne Grow team. Also on the ticket are restaurateur Con Christopoulos, Carlton Business Association boss Connie Paglianite, lawyer Neslihan Dastan and businessman John Dawson.

Cr Ng is the fourth person to enter the mayoral race.

She joins Will Fowles, Peter McMullin and the Greens' Adam Bandt.

Cr Ng deflected comment on the name "City Mother", which she said was given to her by someone else.

"I describe myself as an action-oriented person," she said. "I will roll my sleeves up and I will be very energetic, attending committee meetings and council meetings."

Cr Ng said that, if elected, she would be a full-time mayor. She defended her council-meeting attendance record -- the worst on the authority.

"Because of my full-time job, I have to make a living and councillor is actually part-time," she said.

Nominations close on October 28 for the election on November 28.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

John So leaves office

Having failed to deliver on promises leaving behind a mountain of debt and uncertainly

Council's efforts fail despite extra $64m
by Kate Lahey The Age October 11, 2008

MELBOURNE City Council has failed to meet almost a third of its benchmarks for the past year, despite raking in an extra $64 million through rates, fines and grants, its annual report shows.

Of the 48 "deliverables" the council set for itself in 2007-08, only 30 were completed.

Among its disappointments are a review of heritage precincts that did not occur and a failure to compile and publish the results of the 2005-06 green building retrofit program.

Despite a memorandum of understanding between the city, State Government and the Seattle Trade Development Alliance, nothing has happened, the report says.

The council has also failed to secure a new site for the Melbourne Wholesale Fish Market. The annual report says traders will be kicked out by the end of March, without any chance of a new home before late 2010.

The report, released last night, shows Cr Fiona Snedden claimed the highest amount of expenses, $37,000, of which $9000 was for child care and $18,000 for overseas travel. Lord Mayor John So claimed more than $20,000, of which $14,000 was for overseas travel.

As at June 30, the City of Melbourne employed 1139 people, more than 10% of them on more than $100,000 a year, excluding councillors and the chief executive.

The council's total consolidated revenue was $425 million and its consolidated surplus for the financial year was $98 million.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Look to the future not the past

Melbourne needs new bloodlines and fresh faces

As the race for the Lord Mayor begins to intensify the usual suspects put forward their names as contenders for Melbourne LM001 driver’s seat. Failed candidates and recycled politicians are being dusted off and put on show as the contenders approach the starting gate.

The old nag list includes past Councillor and rejected Deputy Lord Mayor Peter McMullin who sees an opening and a comeback opportunity.

McMullin's stint on the City Council was a lack luster and divisive term of office. He was originally appointed Deputy Lord Mayor in following the 1996 Council election. Soon after taking Office McMullin betrayed the electorate and supported the State Governments assault on City Planning and Melbourne's controversial Museum development. His appeasement and back flip was seen as his down fall and he soon lost the Deputy Lord Mayor's position as a result. The period that followed McMullen's election in 1996 saw the decline of governance and the rise of corruption take hold of the City Council under the administration of Michael Malouf former City of Geelong CEO). McMullin's policy of appeasement oversaw the blackest period of governance in the cities history. The rot had set in and remained for years following.

In 2001 the State government had to step-in and reform the City Council and part of its reform was the introduction of a direct election model for Lord Major. Brought in by Left Minister Bob Cameron the direct election model added to the rise of corruption in the City Council. The city Council was no longer managed by component staff and the council became a feather bed of corrupt practices. Professional governance was no longer a virtue or goal.

The council under John So, who was Melbourne's first directly elected Lord Mayor in 2001, went from bad to worst. Michael Malouf was dumped and replaced in 2003 with John So's against the recommendation of the Council's Finance Committee chairman, Kevin Chamberlain, appointing David Pitchford as Malouf's replacement. What followed were a continued decline in governance and a blow-put in council expenditure as staff were allowed to rule the roost unchecked and unfettered.

The City Council under the miss-guidance of then Legal and Governance Officer, Allison Lyon, came under review by the State Ombudsman. Alison Lyon tried desperately to hinder the Ombudsman review of the City Council. The Ombudsman later uncovered a host of corrupt practices and on going attempts at cover up in the way in which the Council was administered.

Council Staff were engaged in wholesale cover-up of abuse and misuse of Council's travel and expense allowances, with Staff trying to explain the reasons why Council expenses statements did not record accurately Council's expenses was due to the fact that expenses, which where over one year old, had not been acquitted in the council books. Missing and unaccounted was tens of thousands of dollars of ratepayers money with the City Auditors being compromised and dragged into the Staff's cover up and attempts of avoidance. There was no accountability and Councillors had been compromised by accepting offers of luxury overseas junkets and feather bedding opportunities.

The City Council is in need of a major shakeup. The direct election model has failed to deliver good governance and accountability. The resurrection of failed local Councillors is not the solution.

The community, both business and residents alike, had called for a review of the Council's structure. The State Government instead of addressing the need for further reform buried its head in the sand and ignored the obvious and refused to subject the City Council to the normal review process that every other Municipal council was subjected to.

Recycling failed candidates who are part of the cause of the problems facing Melbourne is not the solution.

If Melbourne is to be revived and Council held accountable to ratepayers then it will be up to the voters of Melbourne to take control and send a clear message of concern and disapproval in November.

Melbourne needs some hard heads with serious business acumen and ability to regain control of a Council that is seriously out of control and lost from reality. They will need to be independent from the State Government and insist in a proper and full open public review, not one held behind closed doors as was the case back in 2001. The City Council should have undergone a review in 2007 and the outcome of the review should have been implemented prior to next month's election.

McClown chooses Louey over Huey and Dewey

Melbourne City Council hopeful Peter McMullin (McClown) has chosen John So's Chief of Staff to be his Deputy Lord Mayor Candidate.

Peter McMullin, who held the position of Deputy Lord Mayor for one year in 1996 before being replaced by Liberal Candidate Clem Newton-Brown has sided with his old enemy's team in a second attempt to win the keys to the Lord Mayor's Limo.

McMullin, a known Maoist and supporter of the PLO and anti-zionist, stood against John So in 2001.

Having failed to be re-elected to the City Council in 1999 and also in his bid to become Lord Mayor in 2001, Peter McMullin moved to Geelong where he hoped he would secure ALP endorsement for the Federal Seat of Corangamite. McMullin failed to win pre-selection of the outer Geelonmg Seat and is now seeking a comeback fight for the City's top job.

Members of the ALPs influential Emily's List would no doubt be disappointed in Peter McMullin failure to support a female candidate for the Deputy's Position. Instead of choosing an ALP Women Candidate. A decision that will work against McMullen's campaign.

Kevin Louey has come under fire for his frequent visits to China, mostly paid for by the City of Melbourne or donated by the Chinese Government. Mr L0uey has been criticised for using ratepayer funded visits to China to further his own personal and business interests.

The McMullin/Louey team has placed at odds Catherine Ng who had indicated that she will also be seeking election for the Position of Lord Mayor,

Catherine Ng was John So's number one Council ticket candidate in 2001 and 2004. Councillor Ng has been John So's strongest performer on the City Council. The fact that Kevin Louey is seeking to hold on to the perks and lurks of Town hall has placed Catherine Ng at odds with John So and his chief of staff.

Peter McMillan's bid for a second shot will give a leg up to former Liberal Party State Leader, Robert Doyle who has also indicated his intention to run for Melbourne's Lord Mayor race.

Robert Doyle has a impressive resume and would be seen to be the favorite in what is shaping to be a Melbourne cup field of candidates.

Peter McMullin candidacy is opposed by ALPs SL member William Fowles who under the ALPs rules will be obliged to support and preference Peter McMullin bid for Office

Update: The horses and jockeys for the Lord mayors Race have been spooked. There is a suggestion that Peter McMullin may try and rerun with his former running mate ABC Journalist Elaine Canty with Kevin Louey relegated to his number one Council ticket position. Peter Mullin campaign continues to publish false and misleading assertions that Peter McMullin was deputy Lord Mayor between 1996 and 1999. The fact is Mcmullin retained the Deputy Lord Mayor's position for only one out of a three-year-term of office. He was replaced by Lorna Hannon and Clem Newton-Brown amidst overwhelming community opposition and resentment to his about face policy of appeasement to Jeff Kennetts vision for Melbourne and the siting of the Melbourne Museum in the Carlton Gardens. Peter McMullin was unsuccessful in his bid to be reelected in 1999 and failed to in his challenge against John So in 2001. Elaine Canty was Peter McMullin's running mate back in 2001.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

So Long, Fair Well

So sings his last hit as he announces his long overdue departure from Office

LORD Mayor John So won’t stand for re-election. (unedited)

John So Lord mayor of Melebourne 2001 to 2008
Transcript of John So'[s Farewell speech

“Good morning, thank you for joining me.

It has been 17 years since I entered the doors of Melbourne Town Hall as a Councillor.

Those years have been a period of transformation; of new beginnings for Council and the city it represents.

Melbourne has become the city the world and Australia talks about - a place where people from all nations and all backgrounds are invited to contribute.

In environmental management, urban planning and cultural expression we have become a model for capital cities once considered our superior.

We set ourselves a goal of becoming one of the world’s most liveable cities – we succeeded three times in under a decade.

This year we set ourselves a goal of becoming one of the world’s most sustainable cities – just four weeks ago, we were recognised as being in the top ten sustainable cities globally.

Growth of the city’s businesses and residents has brought life back to the city centre.

Melbourne is forecast to be Australia’s largest city within 20 years.

These are achievements that define a city and build a sense of pride among citizens.

They are achievements that require courage of conviction and a steady approach to leadership.

The Melbourne Living team has brought stability back to capital city governance.

We’ve maintained the focus on achieving outcomes for the community and business in Melbourne.

We’ve regained the trust of governments and voters.

One of my personal goals has been recognition of the vital role capital cities play in securing quality of life for the majority of Australians.

The City of Melbourne now enjoys strong partnerships not only with the State but Canberra as well.

Effective policy is something my team has never lost sight of.

We have achieved the vision and most of our policy commitments made at every election.

Among them are some of history’s defining moments:
• The Commonwealth Games will be remembered as one of the greatest and most seamless events ever staged in this city;
• Integration of Docklands has created one of the world’s most exciting waterfront domains;
• And multi million dollar investment in services and infrastructure has made the city of Melbourne a fantastic place to live, work and enjoy.

While busy achieving the vision we set ourselves, we’ve kept focus on the horizon.

The City has completed the most ambitious community consultation project ever undertaken in its history - Future Melbourne, which was endorsed by the Council last night.

Drawing on the collective intelligence and ambitions of 15,000 individuals, businesses and organisations, we now have a vision ‘for the people by the people’.

That vision is backed by a Government in such good financial shape: it has a AAA credit rating, is debt free and has strong cash reserves.

After integrating Docklands into the city, building CH2, Australia’s first 6-star green office building, contributing $43 million to the Convention Centre precinct, and staging the Commonwealth Games – all while delivering the lowest rate increases in Victoria in the past 8 years – we have a balance sheet that is the envy of governments Australia-wide.

I have called you here today to make this announcement.

After deep consideration, I have decided not to stand for re-election.

This decision has been one of the most difficult I have ever made.

I’ve given almost a quarter of my life to public service and, in return, it has given me many of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

You cannot work at 110% forever, and that’s what this job requires.

I am confident this is the right decision – it’s time to pass the baton.

The future Council inherits a solid foundation to drive the city forward.

And I still have keen interests I wish to pursue.

This city has a lot to gain from the connections it holds with the region.

I’m looking forward to the new possibilities presented by Australia’s increasing international engagement.

There are many people I must thank for the opportunities afforded me.

I wish to thank my Deputy, Gary Singer, former Deputy Lord Mayor Susan Riley and the Councillors on my team who have given so much to the city they represent.

Together, we ensured the people of Melbourne have always come first.

I want to thank City of Melbourne management and staff, particularly my Chief of Staff Kevin Louey.

To my supportive family, my children Nat, Alex, Eva and John, and my wife Wendy, what can I say? I love you all.

Finally, I want to thank the people of this great city.

Thank you for the faith, trust and encouragement you have given me.

Thank you for the privilege and opportunity.

Thank you Melbourne.’’

So calls it quits

Exits as the high note begins to fade

John So, Melbourne's beleaguered Lord Mayor has called it a day.

John So has come under pressure lately for his lack of performance, poor financial management and policy vacuum.

John So faced with stiff competition has bowed out of the race rather then face a challenge. Accompanied by his wife and family John announced his decision to not stand at a press conference held today at the Town hall

So's time is up

John bowes to pressure and competition

The Age has reported that John So will shortly hold a press conference in which it is expected that he will announce that he will not run for a third term as Melbourne's Lord Mayor

John So has come under strong criticism for his lack of performance, poor financial management and policy vacuum. Faced with growing opposition John has decided to quit while he is a head leaving more room for challengers and seekers to the key to the limo.

Brumby on the wrong path

Its time to share to improve safety

John Brumby has scuttled a proposal that would see motor scooters gain access to Melbourne's under-utilised bike paths and improve public safety on our roads.

As many motorists will tell you there are a lot of white lined lanes left vacant in Melbourne as the bicycle lobby pushes to paint Melbourne as the new bike friendly city, but little to nothing is being done to make Melbourne scooter friendly. Scooters are a viable alternative to road congestion and the environment. Much more can and should be done to make Melbourne scooter friendly.

The proposal to allow small motor scooters, under 260cc,to use designated bike lanes and bus lanes for computer traffic is worthy of consideration and support. Many bicycle routes are not used by cyclist and the lanes are left vacant. Bikes and scooters can and should share the road space in order to improve access and public safety.

The State Government is quick to tax the scooter riding public but does nothing to improve scooter riders safety. Much more needs to be done

Road-humps are also an issue that needs review. The design of many road-humps in shopping centers and car parks are a hazard to small bike riders due to poor design and implementation.

Brumby should try coming-up with some constructive ideas to assist scooter riders as opposed to torpedoing those ideas that have merit.

Scooter plan overridden by Premier John Brumby

by Mary Bolling, Herald Sun

PREMIER John Brumby has moved to cut off a bid by the scooter lobby to merge into bike lanes, warning the plan may be too dangerous for cyclists.

The plan by the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce is being considered by Roads Minister Tim Pallas.

But yesterday Mr Brumby warned he didn't like the idea.

"I think you have to bear in mind . . . the bike lane is essentially there for people who use pushbikes," he said.

"And if you get scooters, the issue will be how big they are. I think it will create a lot of issues."

But VACC spokesman Tim O'Brien said the growing population of scooter and motorbike riders required better road safety options.

"We need to have scooters and motorcycles integrated into infrastructure planning," Mr O'Brien said.

"At the moment, we don't have that.

"At the end of the day, scooters pose a solution to road congestion and parking problems, and to environmental issues.

"They are not going to go away. We won't leave this bike lane idea alone.

"Smaller scooters should be able to share on designated safe routes.

"To have a little electric scooter thrust out into the traffic as it's forbidden to go in bike lanes is nonsense."