Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shock Horror

Just when we thought the race for LM was safely in the bag

Race goers, punters and jockeys will know who will be lining up at the starts when nominations for city Council close later today.

After much speculation Robert Doyle, Chairman of Melbourne Health and former State Opposition Liberal party leader confirmed his intention to run for Lord Mayor.

His nomination catapulted him into the favourite position and has upped the anti and expectations of the who could win the race.

Shock horror revealed on the publication form guide

In a surprising, if not alarming situation, Robert Doyle has made his first huge mistake in the campaign. Whilst Robert is a noteworthy candidate the same can not be said for his choice of team members. Robert must have been struggling to find running mates before the deadline for nominations. His ticket includes John So's failed and rejected Deputy Lord Mayor, Susan Riley, and the the quintessential clown and bag man Carl "Jetset" Jetter. Both Jetter and Riley have a reputation of spending up big on "free" Council funded trips abroad and other questionable benefits perks and perks of being elected to the City Council. Susan Riley in her last few months as John So former Deputy Lord Mayor spent over $20,000 of ratepayers money on a trip to Russia. Susan Riley was not considered star material and John So dumped her for Garry Singer at the 2004 election. Susan has now attached herself to Robert Doyle's bid for public office in order to get a second go at the trough. Carl Jetter another one of John So's despondent stable and close associate of Susan Riley has managed, without any merit, to slide himself into Doyle/Riley's number one Council position virtually securing his election to the City Council.

The Riley/Jetter baggage has significantly reduced Robert Doyle's form and chances of winning the November race.

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