Thursday, October 30, 2008

Man overboard

John So's refugees face tragedy at sea

John So "Melbourne living" cargo ship come transit boat has hit an iceberg and the members of John So's crew have abandoned ship and taken to the high waters grabbing on to whatever floats. Some face political drowning whilst the others are desperately treading water and one has all the comfort of an ocean cruise liner captained by a drunken sailor.

The tide has turned and they no longer have the luxury of signing up for a berth on the good ship "So"

Garry "The Steward" Singer and Catherine "First-mate" Ng have both launched separate dingies and have chosen the float or drown option of being captain-in-charge of their own destiny, both hoping to become the admiral of the flotilla of sinking boats. Only one can survive and there are a number of outsider boats competing for the same wave and share of John So's 30% of the vote he received back in 2004 when the weather conditions offered smooth sailing. Their competition is tough and they face the risk of being scuttled by a number of war ships and pirate ships and cruise liners patrolling the ocean.

Whilst John So's steward and first-mate are looking for a promotion the crew has taken matters into their own hands and have all clung on to other ships life boats passing by in the night

Carl "The bosun's quartermaster" Jetter has climb on board the luxury cruise liner which has steamed into the swell causing a wash and wave that could sink other boats in its wake. The good ship "Doyle" whose second in charge is an old friend and comrade in arms of Jetter's from past voyages. Carl Jetter has the only guaranteed 'Bon Voyage' safe harbour of all of John So's refugees and thanks to The "Doyle" life line he will be able to retain his sea-mans ticket.

The companies agent and Captain John So's personal navigator Kevin Louey has signed up to the McMullin line as their first-mate. He hopes to bring to McMullin's table the business and trade left to float ashore and available to anyone to claim under the law of the sea salvage rights.

The crews "Health and safety" officer Kevin Wilson has launched a humanitarian aid rescue effort and has jumped on board the Pirate ship of "Good Will Hope" sailing under the flag of the Fowles Auction house cargo ship containers under the Socialist left transportation policy guidelines and memorandum.

The Adam Brandt salvage tugs is also on the scene looking for any environmental effects`and stranded whales that may need rescuing as the thick oil begins to spread.

All, with the exception of the Boson Jetter, have a tough time trying to stay afloat in the sea as the storm approaches and communications are cut. Back at port the Herald Sun and Age cover the news as relatives of the John So's passengers and goods owners and investors look on unsure of their immediate future.

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