Saturday, October 18, 2008

Catherine Ng declares her bid for the 'Keys to the Limo'

John So's refugees scramble to cling on to whatever and whoever to stay afloat

John So's number one, Catherine Ng, calls it a day by makeing a bold bid to grab the cash and try and win the keys to the Lord Mayor's Limo on a win or quit gamble.

No longer able cling on to the coat tails of John So's possum skin, Catherine Ng has opted to run for the do or die position of Lord Mayor.

John So's team has fractured into many parts signaling that John So is not be able to directly influence or appoint his successor.

Without their Captain, John So's bunch of pirates are left high and dry and desperate to find a life boat or opportunity to cling to a lifebuoy to remain Council.

Catherine Ng choice of Deputy includes out-of-work Terry Makings, former Melbourne City Council employee who was caught up in the Parking Officer's scandal and corruption allegations that saw a number of staff including Alison Lyons leave the employment of the Council last year.

Catherine Ng will face heavy weights Robert Doyle and Peter McMullin (McClown) for the 'grab for the Limo keys' race in November. Peter McMullin, who stood against John So in 2001 and lost, is expected to team up with John So's Chief of Staff Kevin Louey for his comeback challenge . Peter McMullin was dumped from the Deputy Lord Mayor's role in 1997 after only serving one-year of a thee-year-term of office and failed to be recruited to the City Council in 1999. His political career looking decisively bleak in Melbourne he took up the offer by his mate and former CEO, Micheal Malouf, to move to smaller show based in Geelong where he was appointed Ring Master Clown of one ring circus.

Socialist left, Will Fowles, 'Surveillance lead recovery' candidate has teamed up with another of John So's refugees, Cr Wilson, in what looking to become a 'How to spend a millionaire's fortune' and lose campaign. Will Fowles has not had a positive start to his campaign and came a cropper in his fist major radio interview.

The Greens, Adam Ant, is relying on the Greens brand name and a bicycle safe city ride and preferences deals.

Jeff Kennett and Anne Peacock have dropped out of the race even though the competition is not that great.

Former Liberal Leader , Robert Doyle, is still pondering his future and is undecided if MrT gold chains and robes is his style. He is ecpectedtomake an announcement next week.

So if you have a few grand you want to spend and you think you are a media star time is running out for you to put your hand up and be counted. Deadline for nominations closes on October 28.

Mayoral hopeful Catherine Ng safe streets pledge

Source: Herald-sun

MELBOURNE councillor Catherine Ng has launched her bid to be the city's lord mayor, with a promise of late-night safety officers.

Cr Ng said the Safe City Ambassadors trial would be the first step to making central Melbourne safer.

Twenty ambassadors would work in pairs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, at a cost of $1 million, offering help to revellers.

Cr Ng is a member of incumbent Lord Mayor John So's team, and has been on the council for seven years.

Her deputy would be Terry Makings, who was assets and services director at Town Hall until last year.

Cr Brian Shanahan will have the No. 1 position on Cr Ng's C Melbourne Grow team. Also on the ticket are restaurateur Con Christopoulos, Carlton Business Association boss Connie Paglianite, lawyer Neslihan Dastan and businessman John Dawson.

Cr Ng is the fourth person to enter the mayoral race.

She joins Will Fowles, Peter McMullin and the Greens' Adam Bandt.

Cr Ng deflected comment on the name "City Mother", which she said was given to her by someone else.

"I describe myself as an action-oriented person," she said. "I will roll my sleeves up and I will be very energetic, attending committee meetings and council meetings."

Cr Ng said that, if elected, she would be a full-time mayor. She defended her council-meeting attendance record -- the worst on the authority.

"Because of my full-time job, I have to make a living and councillor is actually part-time," she said.

Nominations close on October 28 for the election on November 28.

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