Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Have your say: Melbourne Leader

The City Council is no longer open and transparent. Melbourne Leader

 Meetings are held behind closed doors and decisions made under delegation. Incumbent Councillors, including Green candidates, have supported the shift away from open democracy and have ignored provisions of the Local Government Act that require Council meetings to be held and open to the public.  The Councillor Forums, where most decisions are made, are held in secret contrary to the LGA. 

The Council is being run like a private corporation. There is a distinct lack of understanding of public duty and responsibility. Private interests prevail ahead of the publics interest.

Open and transparent government and community representatives that can engage the community in public debate and participation is the cornerstone to good local government.

We need a strong advocate, such as Brian Shanahan and Kevin Chamberlin, who can restore balance, openness and community representation.

Anthony van der Craats, 
Independent unaligned Candidate. 

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