Tuesday, October 02, 2012

South of the Yarra ignored by City Council and media

Tyranny  of the Majority

 Independent Candidate and South Yarra Resident, Anthony van der Craats, has expressed concern that residents South of the Yarra are being ignored and unrepresented.  Southbank, St Kilda Road and South Yarra residents are located in part of the electorate that is poorly serviced by the City Council and stuck between two to three State and Federal electorates. More often than not we are ignored by all three teirs of government.

 Mr van der Craats who moved from North of the Yarra to the Southern side said part of the problem is that there is no local newspaper that covers the whole of the city and as such we are cut out of the debate and community discussion which does not include residents on the South side of the City

With most city councillors and candidates seeking election to the Melbourne City Council not living in the municipality there is little wonder why residents on the South side are ignored.

 There is little infrastructure development and and proper planning. South Yarra, Domain Road in particular is suffering as a result. The City of Melbourne Council's planning system as failed the local community.

 Instead of development that is needed we are facing increasing pressure and proposals for the establishment of bars and night clubs in what is primarily a residential precinct. "The last thing we need is another bar or night club in Domain Road".

We have lost our local butcher and local post office and lack good quaility amenities and shops. The one thing we need the most is a quaility deli and produce store all we have left is a small fruit shop and a Seven Eleven. A quality local delecatesian that can provide good cheeses, meat and produce is much needed. Instead of food we get bars and night clubs and with it the problems associated with them. Enough is enough.

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