Friday, October 05, 2012

Team Doyle: Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutly

As the saying goes 

 "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"

The City of Melbourne election is a question of absolute power being held in the hands of one group.  If Robert Doyle, as expected, is returned to office there is a real chance that he may also secure four of the City Councillor positions giving the Lord Mayor an absolute majority on the City Council.

If Team Doyle manage to win 40% or more of the vote in the Council "C9" ballot then Doyle would have control of 6 out of the 11 members that make up the City Council (The Lord Mayor, Deputy Lord Mayor and nine Councillors)

Incumbent Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has cut a deal with Brian Shanahan securing a preference swap ensuring the election of Kevin Chamberlain in exchange for support electing Robert Doyle in the Lord Mayor "Leadership" race. This deal rightfully cuts Greens candidate Ms Parks out of race but in the process also removes Brian Shanahan's chances of winning. Shanahan's chances of winning were removed when Liberal Members Gary Morgan and John Elliot cut a deal and exchanged preferences with the Greens Party. (A deal that will backfire on the Morgan ticket and is likely to favour Robert Doyle and his team).

It is in the best interest of the City and democracy that voters consider alternative choices and vote below-the-line putting Team Doyle last.

Robert Doyle (former Leader of State Liberal Party ) is opposed by other Liberal members standing for election.  Ken Ong, Gary Morgan and John  Elliot (Former Liberal Party State President has placed Robert Doyle last on their how to vote cards behind the Greens candidate)

Even facing a significant community backlash Robert Doyle remains in poll position to win the seat and could secure more than 40% of the vote which would see incumbent Councillor Carl Jetter returned to office.  Carl Jetter has been relegated to the hot seat and should Team Doyle not get 40% or more votes he will be ousted from office in this election.  Jetter has come under fire for being the most expensive City Councillor with his claimed expenses and junkets far exceeding other City Councillors

Ballot papers will be posted from October 9th to 11th and MUST be returned to the Returning Officer prior to 6PM on Friday October 26, 2012

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