Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pocket Parks and Container Housing

Melbourne should use long term undeveloped land for the creation of temporary housing and pocket parks as a short term solution until such time as the sites are ready for construction.

Land in docklands and other disused sites could be used as low cost homes and construction using containers.

Anthony van der Craats, a former RMIT Architecture student and independent candidate for the City of Melbourne municipal election, said that the Universities such as RMIT could  be asked to become involved in providing innovative designs, planning and construction in what would be a social development project involving students and low cost housing tenants. 

The aim of the project would be to provide a creative development solution and an experiment in urban design and living.

Owner occupier's would own the container homes which would be designed to be moved and relocated and would be asked to pay a site rental fee.  The life of each project would range from 5 to 20 years

The Melbourne City Council, in turn, could waive or lower rates for sites that become involved in the project.

Proposed developments and constructions would be fast tracked and subject to approval of the project planning committees comprising planners, architects and designers. Individual projects would not require Government or Council approval other than agreement that the site be part of the overall project.

The project coordinating committee would have full control over what is built and what is not allowed.  The committee would decide the parameters of the development what is allowed and what is not.  they will also be responsible for negotiating the supply of services and infrastructure.  Sewage water and electricity as part of the project planning and ensure that the sites do not become slums or a risk to public safety.

Unlike the docklands development the low cost temporary urban cities would be a experiment in social  housing and urban design.  They would add life to the city utilizing unused undeveloped land.


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