Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh What Strange Bed Fellows They Do Make

Labor and Liberals jump into bed to try and win the Melbcity Municipal race.

Offically the only political party running in the Melbcity race is the Greens. Both Labor and the Liberal Party have not endorsed candidates. However both are never the less still in the race, if not against each other with each other. Trainer, jockey and horse all divided up so each one wins a piece of glory and a seat on the City Council .

In 2001 the ALP Local Government  Minister, Bob Cameron, introduced Lord Mayor direct election and the "Above-the-line" voting model, ever since we have seen a growing cozing up between inner city Liberal and Labor Party members seeking to win influence in the Town Hall by stealth.

Peter McMullin (ALP)/Tim Wilson (Liberal) team set the pace back in 2008. In 2012 we have seen the Lab/Lib partnership bond increase.

Disenchanted Liberal stewards Gary Morgan and John Elliot have backed Labor member Jackie Watts for their lead Councillor spot whilst preference hopeful and Liberal member David Nolte has elevated ALP Carlton Branch President Richard Forster as his number one.

Add to the mix that incumbent Councillor and ALP member Brian Shanahan has preferenced Robert Doyle in the Lord Mayor stakes, punters can be forgiven into thinking that their has been a bit of race fixing going on behind the scenes.

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