Monday, October 01, 2012

Greens sidelined in sleazy preference deals

The knives were out in what was claimed to be the morning of betrayal.

The Greens have struck up a deal with Liberal pollster Gray Morgan and  ex-Liberal party President John Elliott in an effort to out-poll lead community candidate Brian Shanahan in the fold up of preferences.

The sleazy preference deal will not help the Greens and Morgan cannot deliver preferences.  Many of Morgan;s supporters will back the Civic Group - Incumbent leader Robert Doyle.

Serial candidate Stephen Mayne was present trying to suck up to the Greens,  Mayne is unlikely to survive the count and instead will help direct preferences to the Greens in the lower house (Council) election. The fact is Stephen Mayne has no support base and therefore will not influence the outcome. He is just a tool and a puppet used by the Greens to gain a few extra hundred votes .

Mayne's arch enemy and road block, David Nolte, also a Liberal Party Candidate, is seeking revenge on the Doyle team placing the Greens ahead of Doyle who is last on his Ballot Paper.  The Greens are unlikely to survive the preference distribution.  They have been placed behind Doyle on community candidate Brian Shanahan's ticket placing the Lord Mayor election out of reach.

There still remains three contenders for the Mayoral Robes.  Incumbent Robert Doyle faces a contest between Gary Singer and Brian Shanahan. Both Shanahan and Singer have crossed preferences.   Singer is betting on the John So factor. He has nominated John So's son as his deputy Lord Mayor hoping to cash in on the good will and recognition of former popular Lord Mayor, John So.  It is unclear as to how well this tactic will perform. If it does attract voter support it will affect both camps.

What is clear, the Greens having struck up a deal with Morgan and Elliot cannot claim the moral high ground and have demonstrated once and for all that they are not pro-Melbourne community or really interested in environmental outcomes,  just power.

The Greens have been cut out from the Lord Mayoral Race with Doyle in the prime spot and the only candidate in a position to win against him is Brian Shanahan (the only rider is if Gary Singer can strike up a tune and serenade the electorate with John So, Junior - "We're putting the band back together for a revival").  - Let the games begin!

Our tip: Vote Shanahan Chamberlin for a true and effective local voice.

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