Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Old Grumpy Liberal Men fight it out in Melbourne

United you stand divided you fall

Old Grumpy Liberal men are battling to extract revenge and the right to wear the Mayoral robes.

Liberal war horses, pollster Gary Morgan , ex-President of the Liberal Party John Elloit and disenfranchised North Carlton pharmacist and member of the Liberal Party David Nolte are campaigning against former Leader of the State Liberal Party  and incumbent Lord Mayor Robert Doyle.  All three have placed Robert Doyle last on their How-to-vote tickets. All three are pissed-off that they were not included in Robert Doyle's inner sanctum and granted access to the spoils of public office or given plum postings to internal and outside committee positions.

All three grumpy old men have enlisted the support of ALP members to help fight their campaign of revenge.

David Nolte has enlisted local ALP Carlton Branch President Richard Foster to head up his Council Team whilst Gary Morgan and John  Elliott have listed Jackie Watts.     Jackie Watts has little support within the ALP but is seen as a vote winner by the Morgan Camp in their campain of opposition to Robert Doyle.

The attack on Robert Doyle is most likely going to backfire as Liberal Party voters disown and distance themselves from all three in droves.  Disunity is the death in politics and those spearheading a campaign of opposition to the incumbent Lord Mayor will be sidelined and lose support as a result.

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