Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wu.. who is telling porkies

Catherine Ng in denial

IN today's Herald-Sun Live blog on the City Council Lord Mayors Race Catherine Ng (ng/Wu)claimed in response to a question on review of the City Council representative model

12:27 [Comment From Review denied]
You recently criticised the State Government for denying the City a voice? Why did you and John So oppose the City of Melbourne's electoral system being subjected to a review? Where you trying to deny citizens a voice?
Catherine replied

12:29 I support a comprehensive review of the electoral system, structure, voting methods to ensure we have a fair representation on council. I am independent with no political agenda. I will represent the local community without favour nor fear.

Yet when the question of a review was before the City Council earlier this year she and her factional colleagues voted it down every time. Was she polly speaking and lying to the electorate? She most certainly provided a false and misleading answer to the question asked.

Many questions where not published and many go unanswered.

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