Friday, November 07, 2008

Catherine Ng

Testimonial Payout

Melbourne City Councillor and Lord Mayor contestant, Catherine Ng, is subject to scrutiny by race Stewards for what could be false and misleading testimonials.

Catherine Ng without the knowledge and consent of those listed on her web site has published what she claims are "testimonial statements in support of her candidacy".

The list of testimonials includes former ALP Councillors Lorna Hannan and Kate Redwood.

Lorna Hannan, was understood to be supporting Will Fowles' bid for the keys to the Lord Mayor's Limo. Which has brought into question Lorna's statement of support for Catherine Ng. Is Lorna Hannan working against Will Fowles' campaign or is Will, unknown to himself, a running mate and stooge for Catherine Ng? Has Will been set up to support Catherine's bid of Lord Mayor? (Will Fowles' registered preferences goes to McMullin, Morgan then to Doyle before Catherine - Editor.)

The Redwood and Ng "Sweet Heart deal" payout conspiracy

Kate Redwood, a part time opportunist ALP member and former City Councillor, has also "endorsed" Catherine Ng. Kate Redwood was Will Fowles' Deputy Candidate until she was dumped in October 2008. Is her support for Ng an act of revenge?

Catherine Ng was at the centre of a "sweet heart deal" allegation in 2005 in which Kate Redwood was offered paid employment by the City of Melbourne Library Board. The position offered was considered by many as thanks and appreciation for Kate Redwood's support for John So and Catherine Ng's election back in 2004. The deal came unstruck then it was later discovered that the Victorian Local Government Act prohibits former Councillors from receiving paid employment by the City Council. The contract offered to Kate Redwood was illegal and had to be withdrawn. (What happened to the professional advice given by Alison Lyons, Council's legal advisor at the time?) It is understood that the City Council subsequently paid Kate Redwood compensation of around $35,000 for what was an unenforceable illegal contract. The "Sweet Heart payout" was made behind closed doors in a confidential session. Questions are still outstanding as to the legality of the City Council's compensation payout - an issue that would surely interest the Auditor General.

Questions of consent not given

Another person listed on Catherine's web site is Trevor Huggard, former Lord Mayor of Melbourne. Trevor Huggard when contacted today said he not seen the statements attributed to him and denied supporting Catherine's candidature for the Lord Mayor. Trevor was not aware of his name being used in her campaign and that he had not authorised any statement of endorsement. He was on the road at the time and said he would look into to the matter on his return to Melbourne.

This begs the question as to the sincerity and appropriate use and authorisation of the names listed on Catherine Ng testimonial page.

C Testimonials under review

“Competent and a voice of reason”
Trevor Huggard, former Lord Mayor of City of Melbourne

“As an elected Councillor I worked closely with Catherine 2001 – 2004, Catherine is ethical (sic), hardworking and well enabled to carry a shared vision for the city.”
Kate Redwood, former Councillor of City of Melbourne

“Catherine Ng has been a friend and colleague for more than a decade. Over her term on council, I have seen her bring her customary drive and enthusiasm to its work. She has earned support because she can be trusted to listen and to follow issues through.”
Lorna Hannan, former Councillor of City of Melbourne

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