Sunday, November 09, 2008

Herald Sun

Filling the vacuum

From Monday, Herald Sun online gives you the opportunity to ask questions to the people who want to be Melbourne's next Lord Mayor.

Each day for two weeks, a mayoral candidate will participate in a lunchtime blog. So, if you care about your city and who will be its leader, join the discussion. It starts at noon on Monday.

Ballot papers will be issued later this week so if you not in a hurry to cast your vote you may get a chance to hear what's not being said in this "Policy vacuum election".

Governance issues are one Policy free zone that candidates have avoided, along with lurks and perks scams that comes with office (Stay tuned as we expose the Great Australian Qantas Tax payer Rip-off ).

In case your wondering this election will cost each voter around $25 in direct and indirect costs with the City Council paying out more then 1.5 Million dollars.

Monday, Nov 10:
Bob "King" Crawford: Arts pioneer, song-writer and author. Wants to bring the fun back into the city.

Tuesday, Nov 11:
Adam Bandt: Greens candidate and lawyer. Wants better public transport and the city to run on renewable energy.

Wednesday, Nov 12:
Catherine Ng: Current councillor. Wants 20 safe city ambassadors to patrol the streets at night.

Thursday, Nov 13:
Nick Columb: Businessman and racehorse owner. Wants to use his passion for Melbourne to forget the politics and get things done.

Friday, Nov 14:
Peter McMullin: Geelong councillor and former Melbourne deputy mayor. Lawyer. Labor Party member but has a Liberal, Tim Wilson, as his running mate.

Monday, Nov 17:
Gary Singer: Deputy Lord Mayor. Lawyer and arts patron. Wants to continue the city’s transformation into a global business and cultural centre.

Tuesday, Nov 18:
Will Fowles: Businessman and Labor Party member. Offering "a fresh vision" and generational change.

Wednesday, Nov 19:
Shelley Roberts: CBD architect who wants fairer rates for residents. Also passionate about the city's living environment.

Thursday, Nov 20:
Joe Toscano: Doctor and anarchist who wants radical activism to shake up Town Hall and the State Government.

Friday, Nov 21:
Gary Morgan: Pollster who will forgo the mayoral allowance and limousine. Promising rate cuts.


Anonymous said...

how about Doyle?

Anonymous said...

Not sure, I think they may have covered Doyle last week. The list is as copied from the Herald-sun web site. Those on the bottom of the list are at a clear disadvantage(Maybe its an advantage) I assume the HS did a random draw of names out of the hat. If the USA can elect Obama Then surely Melbourne can avoid electing Doyle and his Deputy Queen. I am not a great fan of McMullin but if he can pick up his campaign and start running on real issues then he would (sadly)have to the best of a bad lot. I would like to know more about Column but I think he is not running a serious enough campaign.

I want to stress that the Direct election system introduced by Bob Cameron was one of it not the most stupid policies the ALP had introduced. It does nothing for democracy except make it a circus event.

Bob Cameron rightly lost his god as Local Government Minister. Candy did not achieve much and I expected more from Richard Wynne but he has proven to be ineffective or has his hands tied. Melbourne should have been subjected to a Municipal review process is the case for every other Victorian Municipality. if you take the time and review the government's legislative changes you soon realise that the parliament is captive to a out of touch with reality administration.

I expect that the November polls will rebound on the government,but I am not sure the State Opposition know how to capitalise on the VEC's stuff-ups. many people will rock up to vote on Saturday 29 to find they are denied the right to vote because postal voting closes before the nominated Election day. The VEC should have insisted on the vote closing on the Monday 12 Noon after the Saturday.

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