Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who should you vote for?

Peter McMullin and Nick Columb should be your first and second choice for good governance

The issues are not which project or ideological dream is good. Every candidate has their pet projects.

The real key issue is corporate governance.
Who will hold them (the administration) to account? In this difficult economic time we believe there are only two candidate groups worthy of support - McMullin Wilson Melbourne's future or Nick Columb's Passion for Melbourne.

Peter McMullin has put together a by-partisan independent team of professionals. Nick Columb has hit the nail on the head with his passionate concern to put an end to the City Council's extravagance and waste.

We need a professional and effective Council who will put an end to the high spending feather bedding empire building. The administration must be held in check and held to account.

Both Peter McMullin and Nick Columb should be your first and second preference choice in this election. -

Voting closes 6PM Friday November 28.

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Anonymous said...

No more NG's free tourist bus at 1.6 mill a year what about a connecting communities with small commuter vehicles that can park anywhere in the city and not be dangerous to cyclists

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