Friday, November 14, 2008

McMullin's mullings

Avoidance and deception

Peter McMullin's Herald-Sun Live blog was uninspiring. Below highlghted extracts

Side Show Alley

12:14 [Comment From Side show ally]
The direct election model for Lord Mayor has failed to deliver good governance and has become a side show where only well healed multi-millionaires or celebrities can afford to run for office. What is your policy and what steps will you take to get rid of the direct election system and return Melbourne to a system where the Lord Mayor is elected and held accountable by the City Council?
McMullin failed to elicit on his position of support for the side show direct election circus by avoiding the question his pathetic

His reply was:

12:16 I am on the record as supporting a review of the election model and boundaries which needs to be independent. The City of Melbourne's model should be reviewed every two terms like every other council in Victoria
The question was what is his position? What action will he take to scrape the direct election system.

Car Parking at Queen Vic.

12:27 [Comment From Shayne]
It's impossible to get a park at the Vic Market on Saturdays especially. The last council did nothing about this. Will you do anything?
McMullin's reply

One of my proposals, Shayne, is to underground the car park to increase the level of parking and increase the parkland in that area. I propose that the underground car park be linked to Flagstaff station and a travelator installed to make it easier for shoppers and visitors to Melbourne to use public transport getting to our wonderful Queen Victoria Market.
Why would you build a carpark in the city and connect the car park via a travelator to the train!! Ummm...if they are travelling by public transport why would they want to visit a carpark? The main issue and problem with an underground carpark or shopping center at Vic Market is the graveyard. There has been a long standing proposal to construct a dry goods/supermarket on the carpark site. Never happens.

There were a number of Dorthy Dixers about the Green's policy on closing down Melbourne's elite schools and the like...

Accessible Council

12:55 [Comment From listening]
Steve Bracks has endorsed you and I always thought he listened to the people. But the council structure makes that quite difficult in my view because we don't get a local councillor we can talk to. What can you do to ensure the council is accessible?

am quite humbled by the fact that the former premier Steve Bracks has endorsed me to be the next lord mayor. I have committed to supporting a review of the current representation arrangements.
Again McMullin avoided the question and failed to provide and solutions or policies.

Campiagn Cost and funding

1:04 [Comment From Accountability needed]
How much are you spending on your campaign and where is the money coming from?

I am funding my own campaign. We have had a couple of fund-raising events which have been well supported. It is an expensive campaign because communicating with 100,000 voters is a big job. It's worth it because I'm passionate about Melbourne.
Missing was "How much was his campiagn costing him". Under Victoria''s electoral laws McMullin, Win or Lose, will be required to disclose in fill all campaign costs .

In closing Peter McMullin said

1:11 My blog time has come to an end. Sorry I didn't get to all your questions but thank you for them all. I hope to be an approachable and accessible lord mayor. If you would like more information please do not hesitate to contact me via our website Thank you. Peter.

Question unanswered

We submitted the following question early on the live blog buit the question was never published...

Peter, In 1996 you were elected to the City of Melbourne on a community platform
opposed to the development of the Museum in the Carlton Gardens. Within months
of being elected you capitulated, cow-tailed and backed down to the then Kennett
State Government (even going so far as refusing to call on the State Government
to subject the Museum development to a proper planning process - A once in a
life time opportunity lost to Melbourne)

What guarantees and commitment will you make that you will act independently and not cave in and back down to pressure by the State Government when push comes to shove and Melbourne's future is at risk?
Which brings into question the moderators policy of selective sensorship.

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