Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Race for the keys to the Lord Mayor's Limo

VEC publishes form guide details

The Victoria Electoral Commission has published the form guide to the Spring Carnivals closing event just in time for the other main event the Melbourne Cup.

We have already seen one to contender fall over at the starting gates leaving Robert Doyle is now set to win thanks in no small part to to Peter McMullin team.

Peter McMullin is no longer the favorite to win the race having suffered a serious blow in the pre-race preference deals. Robert Doyle has been accused of fowl play when his supports kicked Peter McMullin in the groin just before the starters gun was fired.

It still early days and as we have previously stated the race for the Lord Mayor's robes, gold chain and keys to the limousine is a marathon and anything can happen in the days to come.

The guide shows the proof of betrayal and spiking of the race. Be it stupidity or recklessness based on the recommended preference allocations the McMullin Team is out of the race. The Greens also are in a unwinnable position. The Greens as expected have backed Catherine Ng who will most likely face Robert Doyle in a run off. Doyle has now taken a commanding lead in the race that the paleton can not catch up.

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