Monday, November 03, 2008

Rats in the Ranks (Part 2 Update)

Will McMullen's betrayal cost him the race?

No sooner had the preference deals been locked in place that the ramifications of betrayal and heavy handed politics has taken its toll

McMullin (alias McClown) has made the first big fall in the race, sliping back 6-9 percentage points, it is unlikely that he will recover let alone catch up with the paleton.

Peter McMullin has been shafted by the Doyle team who have put McMullin 10 on their recommended How to vote card whilst Peter McMullin reneged on his preference deals and placed Doyle number three, immediately below Will Fowles, destroying sny confidence and trust in McMullin's preference honchos who have lost all credibility as a result. McMullin will be ridiculed out of the race following the weekend of betrayal. No longer seen as a serious contender, McMullen's preference deal may remove the Greens from a winning position or could have the reverse effect and may make them a martyr, unable to win this race but stronger as the result.

Will Fowles is now in a position where he will most likely take the ALP lead from the McMullin ticket. This one act of betrayal and gamesmanship has spread the field wide and the flow-on effect is yet to be determined.

This is marathon and public perception plays a major role in the outcome.

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Anonymous said...

How can McMullin clam to be a local both in melbourne and in Geelong?

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