Sunday, November 16, 2008

Melbourne City Council Consolidated Councillor Expense Statements

2 December 2004 to 30 September 2008

Note: The above Consolidated expense statement graph does not include an estimated $710,739.72 (John So, Lord Mayor) and $162,049.42 Garry Singer , Deputy Lord Mayor) associated with the cost of proving Limousines for their personal use. The Councillor expense statements also do not include the costs of internal catering, free booze and support staff, which would add a further estimated 400,000-800,000 dollars to the rate payers tab.

Missing (estimated) Local Travel Costs from December 2004 to July 2008(based on last quarter)
$66,694.88 (John So, Lord Mayor) and
$43,540.56 (Garry Singer, Deputy Lord Mayor) for the private use of Council funded Limousines.


Estimated additional costs (not included above) for the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor's Local Travel expenses over four years

ItemJohn SoGary Singer
Lord MayorDeputy Lord Mayor
Total additional est. costs$710,739.72$162,049.42

The 1999 Auditors report called on the City Council to make a budget allocation for Councillor expenses and to report on the YTD so as to facilitate budget monitoring of Councillor Expenses

A budget was set for one year but subsequently reporting of budget YTD comparison has been dropped. Reasons unknown. Councillor expenses have an unlimited budget that comes from the general administration budget.

The City Council, on the motion of Carl "Junket and local travel reporter' Jetter refused to provide back dated Council expense statements for the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor's Local Travel - the value published in the last quarter expense statements does not include the costs listed above. Carl Jetter claims his full costs for the use of City Link against the City Council (Even costs associated with private travel by the looks of it. Gary Singer has 100% of his vehicle costs paid for by the City Council including free petrol, insurance,registration, service and depreciation costs. There are questions as to his entitlement to receive this benefit as the the limousine which is also used for personal travel.

The extent that the Council administration will go to to avoid detailed disclosure of Council expenses (You scratch my back and they will scratch yours) never ceases to amaze. This culture of cover-up demonstrates how corrupt and unreliable the Council expense statements are. It is an embarrassment to the Council Auditors who have to endured such unprofessional conduct.

Below a revised comparative graph which includes estimated costs associated with the Lord Mayors and Deputy Lord Mayor (Excluding costs associated with the Lord Mayor's chauffeur [$500,000.00] and Cr Sneddon's child care [$31,898.66])

For a detailed break down and copy of the data table - click here (pdf)

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