Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Questions of Law

pollster calls halt to illegal election

Never to let a chance go by Pollster and wana-be Lord Mayor candidate Gary Morgan today called into question the legality of the City Council election. Claiming that over 20,000 corporate representatives had been added to the roll without their consent. How much of this claim, like the recent hype of Catherine Ng who falsely declared a Cyber war, was designed to attract some free media is unknown.

Herald Sub - Hamish Heard
November 19, 2008 04:25pm

OUTSPOKEN mayoral candidate Gary Morgan called today for the election to be cancelled, claiming 15,000 voters were illegally enrolled.

At a meet-the-candidates breakfast at The Hotel Windsor this morning, Mr Morgan said Melbourne Council had added about 20,000 corporate representatives to the electoral roll in the lead-up to the election based on information gleaned from ASIC.

However, only about 5000 had been properly authorised with signed consent forms, Mr Morgan told the Melbourne Leader.

“Under the Local Government Act electoral regulations it says that enrolment applications must include a written, signed declaration that verifies they are the owner, occupier or authorised company representative and that they consent to the application,” Mr Morgan explained after the Press Club breakfast.

“I have very good legal advice that this is illegal and we will write to (Victorian Electoral Commission returning officer) Bill Lang and ask to have consent forms available to our scrutineers and we’ll check every signature.

“If they dont all have consent forms the only fair thing would be to have another election.”

Ten of the 11 candidates for Lord Mayor were questioned by journalists and other interested parties at the breakfast, with less than a week before the close of voting.

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