Thursday, November 13, 2008

Robert Doyle

Coasting to victory

Is Robert Doyle serious about his campaign to be Melbourne's next Lord Mayor?

Doyle expects to win the race for the gold chains, robes and keys to the limo by laying low. He has a policy of non-engagement expecting that his name is well known that we will be able to win the election without doing a thing other then talk to 3AW Neil Mitchell.

The Herald Sun on Remembrance day published an article on Melbourne's missing Candidate in which Robert Doyle came under fire`for his blaze-affair approach to the City Council election. Robert Doyle is the only candidate for Lord Mayor to not participate in the Herald Sun Live blog. if he is not pout there campaigining then the voters will have no opportunity to evaluate his candidature.

Robert Doyle hopes that his name alone will see him secure enough preferences that he will skate across the line as other candidates fall by the wayside.

Lord Mayor Candidate Nick Columb came out and attacked Doyle for his grabby politics and false claims that the Age and Neil Mitchel were supporting his campaign. A claim that Neil Mitchell firmly denied.

Robert's campaign is a paste them up bill-board promotion. His campaign is being run by Doyle's Deputy Lord Mayor Candidate Susan Riley and "Jetset" Carl Jetter" both who are associated with John So's team. Susan Riley was John So's Deputy Lord Mayor between 2001 and 2004. She holds the record as being the most travelled non productive deputy Lord Mayors in the history of Melbourne. Carl Jetter's Qantas frequent flyer account is not far behind.

The fault lies in Melbourne's model of directly elected Lord Mayor. It does not provide effective good governance or accountability. It should have been reviewed but John So and his team refused to support a call for the City Council to be subjected to a representative review. WHY?

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