Monday, November 20, 2006

State Election

Upper-house polling booth data will not be available on the night

In another surprise we have just been informed that the VEC will not be publishing upper-house results data for each of the polling booths. Instead they will only be publishing consolidated results for each of the eight electoral regions. Why we ask?

The Australian Electoral Commission provided on line tabulation of the Senate results showing above-the-line and first preference results for each polling place.

There is no reason why this information should not be made available via the Internet.

The preliminary polling booth data is important as it provides information that is used in the scrutiny of the ballot as means of knowing how many votes were recorded. This information is then used to ensure that all votes are accounted for and that the number of ballot papers received matches the number recorded at each polling station.

If it is required for the lower-house then the publication of the upper-house polling place vote tally should also be made available.

There is no excuse or reason why this information is not being published.

Already there are a number of concerns related to the computerisation of our elections. As more and more process are no longer undertaken manually there is a strong need to ensure that information is made readily available.

With the accessibility of the Internet this information can and must be published as part of the Victorian Governments and the Victorian electoral Commission's obligation to maintain an open and transparent elections system.

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will there be coverage on tv during the day and or night? if so including SA or only vic?

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