Tuesday, November 07, 2006

God save America

God helps those that help themselves and those that vote

With one race down and two to go the second race will be played out today as the united States go to the polls in what is picked to be a win to the US Democratic party and a re-buff to the polices of George W Bush and the Republican Party.

America's electoral system, which uses first past the post has little to desire but we can only hope that the Democrats prevail by wining control of both houses of congress.

Voting is compulsory but not the way you vote.

Unlike the Australian electoral system were voting is compulsory one of the biggest challenges for US Parties is to get people out and voting. One US State has put forward a proposal for a State Vote-lottery. Every person who votes is entered in to a draw and the lucky voter could win one million dollars. (It adds new meaning to the notion of vote early vote often increase your chances of winning or you can win twice with your vote). How this policy plays out with those opposed to any form of gambling is hard to assess.

The American election along with the Melbourne Cup have provided public diversions as Victoria heads to the polls in just over two weeks. With the introduction of fixed terms and a fixed date for the election the Liberal party have had plenty of time to stage their campaign but for some reason all players have hardly left the gates at a galloping pace.

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