Monday, November 06, 2006

Greening Melbourne

It's all over but the shouting - Greens left standing with a deflated balloon

The Greens push for a lower-house seat comes to an end with reports that the ALP and Liberal party have reached a deal that would see the Liberal Party preference Labor ahead of the Australian Greens. The Age November 6, 2006

Game over for the Greens in Melbourne.

In a move that will also see the National Party become part of Victoria's political history Labor has secured its place in Richmond and Melbourne with the Greens left holding a deflated balloon and the hope of only winning a upper-house seat.

With the wind taken out of the Greens' sail and the challenge of wining a lower-house seat out of reach the question that remains is will it effect the Greens appeal and support in the upper-house? It could go both ways, it could help the Greens secure votes or it could dampen their appeal.

Whilst the deal is not yet set in concrete it never the less is a win win for both the Liberal Party and Labor and one that would receive wide public support.

Three weeks to go and already the Greens are on a losing one-way street.

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