Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dare to struggle dare to win

Kengsington claims a victory for Greater Melbourne

16 November 2006

Hi everybody,

Breakthrough in reuniting Kensington!

If you weren't there, you missed it!

A re-elected Labor government will set up a panel to to review the boundary between the Moonee Valley and Melbourne parts of Kensington!

At the "Meet the candidates" meeting last (Wednesday) night, local member, Ms Bronwyn Pike, announced that the Minister for Local Government has committed a re-elected Labor government to a process to reunite the suburb of Kensington.

Ms Pike announced that should the government be returned, the Minister will establish a panel under section 220A of the Local Government Act 1989 to review the Kensington boundary.

Our Chair, Richard Reilly, said: “The Kensington Association welcomes and applauds this commitment, and looks forward to working with Ms Pike, the Melbourne City Council, the Moonee Valley City Council and the local Local Government Minister to reunite the suburb, as this issue has been of community concern for a number of years."

The terms of reference for the panel will be established following consultation with all stakeholders, including the Kensington Association.

The Minister gave credit to Ms Pike: She said "Thank you for your repeated representations to me on this matter which have greatly informed my decision. I would also like you to pass on the Kensington Association my thanks for the information which they have gathered which you have passed on to my office."

Here we assume the Minister is referring to the results of our poll, which showed that as many as 90% of residents favour reuniting Kensington under the City of Melbourne.

(The full text of them Minister's letter will be up on our website shortly.)

Congratulations to everyone who has worked for a reunited Kensington:

* each member who has paid fees,

* each person who letterboxed (either this month or during our poll),

* each person who took the trouble to brave wind, sleet and driving rain to come to last night's meeting.

-- each committed action that you took is a cause of this result. Thank you!

Does this mean that Kensington will be reunited? Not necessarily.

The breakthrough is that it is now possible.


Our End of Year function will take place on Monday 4 December 7:30pm at the Holy Rosary School Hall, Gower Street.

We will review our accomplishments this year, and taste some yummy food and cheeky wines.

Best regards,

Tony Dare

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