Saturday, November 25, 2006

Early results

Results in to date show Labor is in a winning position

Early results indicate a safe win for Melbourne, Richmond and Prahran for the ALP.


Late vote return shows the Greens creeping over the line on People Power and Democrats Prefernces

Greens scrape in in Northgern. Southern and Western Metropolitan Regions confirming earlier preictaions based on the News poll with a surprise win in the Westsern etro seat as tyhe ALP misses out on a fourth spot.

Melbourhne will not be known for some time and there is concern that the VEC has failed to provide information on teh number of Postal Votes that have been issued. WHY we fail to understand. Overall the VEC web site was hopeless. Lacking the nessassary detail as is normally required. Many issues behind the scenes need to be reviewed.

The Liberal party is out polling the Greens in Richmond and as such Richmond will be a safe seat

Bronwyn (ALP) is set to retain the seat of Melbourne after a strong campaign in the last week. Greens vote lower then in 2002.

Tony Lupton set to retain Prahran against expectations. Prahran is the litmus test seat. A great result which indicates that the ALP will retain government. Well done

Upper-house result with 35% counted

Northern Metropolitan:
Early indications are that the results are not as expected 3 ALP 1 Liberal 1 DLP

Southern Metropolitan:
Expected result 3 ALP 2 Liberal

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Hi Anthony,

I concur, but think the Greens will pull one back in SM.

The Speaker.

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