Monday, November 27, 2006

Blogging the VEC

More problems and complaints about getting information from the VEC

Just to put it on the public record. I have received a number of complaints from candiadtes an campiagn managers about the efficency or lack there of the VEC and their counting system.

QUOTE: "getting information out of them has been terrible this time around. I don't necessarily blame the people that i have been dealing with but their systems seem to be terrible eg i can't get anything like an idea of how many absentee votes there are this year"

I have left the name of the candidates office out to protect their identity but I thought it is worth blogging some of these comments could this could become a bigger issue if the results get close.

I should also point out that the number fo complaints I have received, most via the telephone, are not just comming from the Labor Party but other parties and individuals also. All the complaints point to one man.

The failure of the VEC to provide relevant and important information that should be public in this election has been one of the worst on record. Which is an indictment on the VEC Chief Commissioner, Steve Tully.

The VEC has spent millions of dollars duplicating a computerised voting system and they can not provide basic information such as "How many postal and absentee ballot papers have been issued for each district?" Ok I will give them some benefit of doubt over absentee votes, but only just, I will not give them and excuse for not providing the number of postal ballot papers issued per district. Postal vote application closed last Thursday and a ballot paper should not have been sent out until they have checked the name off the roll. So there should be a record of how many postal votes have been issued.

The failure of the VEC to provide this information indicates that they have a problem with tallying this information. There is no excuse and Steve Tully must share responsibility for not proving this data. His reputation certainly is on the line as a lot of campaign managers and candidates are talking about it and we are blogging it.

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