Friday, April 12, 2013

The Fisherman Doyle rejected

Lord Mayor, Robert Doyle's, land grab deal has come under fire with local representatives rejecting the City of Melbourne's proposed land grab bid to transfer land from Fishermans Bend from the City of Port Philip

State Member for Albert Park Martin Foley, who represents the State seat of Albert Park and the Fisherman's Bend precinct, has criticised the deal calling on the State Government and Planning Minister to commit to "inclusive and effective consultation".

The City of Melbourne can not even manage a building site on Swanston Street not to mention problems associated with traffic management and Melbourne' bicycle network.  Why make them think they are best to take over control of the Fishermans Bend redevelopment?

Confidence in the City Council is in decline. the Council holds most of its meetings behind closed doors and its minutes of meetings are not accurate or true. It's failure to ensure public safety on the Swanston Square project site are just a few of problems facing the Council.

Port Phillip Mayor, Amanda Stevens, said 'The City of Port Phillip is outraged at the Lord Mayor's suggestion that over 200 hectares of our city should be transferred to the City of Melbourne"

In the absence of rational debate about a possible merger between the two cities and  the establishment of a Greater Melbourne the best solution for the redevelopment of the Fisherman's Bend site is an independent development authority that includes representatives from both Municipalities and the State Government.

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