Saturday, April 27, 2013

Swanston Street: Open it to traffic 7pm to 7am Left turn in Left turn out.

Melbourne's failed Swanston Street should be open to circulating traffic 7 AM to 7 PM with consideration also be given to opening it up on the weekend.

Swanston Street has been a complete disaster.   100's of Millons of dollars, super stops and bike paths and the Street still does not work. Killed off by Engineering Services and a City Council hell bent on catering for Bicycles.  Bicycles mainly use Swanston street in the peak monring and afternoon period.  After 7PM it is dead.  If it was not for Street Traders and buskers the Street would be worst than it is.

Opening up Swanston Street for circulating traffic from Flinders Lane, Little Collins Street and Little Lonsdale Street, Left Hand turn in Left hand turn out 7PM to 7AM would dd life and vitality back into the City precinct

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