Thursday, April 11, 2013

MIA: Cr Watts

Melbourne City Councillor, Jackie Watts, missed last Tuesday's  Melbourne City Council Future Melbourne Committee Meeting without any apology or explanation given.

It is rumored that Councillor Watts has some medical issues and has requested indefinite leave from the City Council.  (Not confirmed).  We are told her family has requested privacy during this time.

If Councillor Watts is unable to fulfill her elected duties then she should consider tendering her resignation and allow for a count-back to fill any extra-ordinary vacancy that may arise.

It is understood that Michael Kennedy, who was number two on the Morgan-Elliot ticket, would be elected on a count-back to replace Cr Watts should she resign.

Under the provisions of the Victorian Local Government Act

Section 69 
(1) An extraordinary vacancy is created if the office of a Councillor becomes
vacant because the Councillor-

   (a)  fails to take the oath of office of Councillor; or

   (b)  dies; or

   (c)  resigns in writing delivered to the Chief Executive Officer; or

   (d)  becomes incapable of continuing to be a Councillor; or

   (e)  ceases to be qualified to be a Councillor; or

   (f)  is ousted from office; or

   (g)  is absent from 4 consecutive ordinary meetings of the Council without
        leave obtained from the Council.

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