Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Melbourne Fishing around to manage Fishermens Bend redevelopment site

Do we really want the City of Melbourne managing the proposed Fishermans Bend re-development?

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has unilaterally proposed that the City of Melbourne's external boundaries be altered so it can propose to the State government that it be the proposed redevelopment authority.

The proposal which first appeared in the Age had the City of Port Phillip up in arms with Port Phillip Councillors attending the City of Melbourne meeting expressing their dismay at the proposed boundary change without first consulting the Port Phillip Council.

Bowing to developers pressure the State Government is most likely to appoint an independent development authority to over see the Fishmens bend site as it did in redeveloping Docklands.

There were clear problems with the Docklands development but do we really think the City of Melbourne will do a better job given they can not even mange a safe work environment for the Swanston Street CUB development site?

Given that the redevelopment will have a significant impact non the City of Port Phillip should not Port Phillip have the lead say in the re-development plans? 

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