Saturday, January 07, 2006

Singers professional standing back in the spotlight

Council fails to express confidence as Singer's repertoire brings City into disrepute

Gary Singer, Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne is once again the subject of reports and revelations about misconduct and poor professional standing.

Herald Sun: New cloud over deputy mayor's firm [07jan06]

The Herald Sun has outed Cr Singers legal firm who was de-registered and removed from the list of practicing solicitors in Tasmania following a damming report from the legal professions watchdog to the State Parliament

This comes on top of previous criticism that Councillor Singer had appointed his personal partner and friend to overseas and create a City Art Bank and controversy over Council funded travel and entertainment for Cr Singer and his partner. Something that's still has not been properly explained and smells of Jobs for the boys. It is still unclear what process and terms of conditions the appointment was made.

Cr Singer last year was also the subject of a review by the Victorian Law Society were he was found guilty of professional misconduct for withholding funds and payments held in trust.

Cr Singer is chairman of the City Council's audit committee and revelations about Cr Singer's professional standing gave cause for concern and calls for from having any responsibility related to the City's financial management. Link to Singers performace record

The Melbourne City Council, prior to Christmas, failed to consider or pass a vote of confidence in Cr Singer bringing into further disrepute John So's leadership and choice of deputy.

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Anonymous said...

Much as I like the Herald Sun, I cannot help but think this is a huge beat up.

He owned a business that had a rogue employee in Tasmania. Big deal.

The other issues you've raised a far more significant. The Town Hall spends our rates like Imelda Marcos.

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