Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Cast of actors change roles as Singer side lined to the back stage

City Council and Lord Mayor's office in crisis. Singer must resign

Melbourne's Lord Mayor, John So, not to be outdone by our prime-minister, jumps on the band wagon and seeks to reshuffle the lead actors of the pantomime - relegating Singer into a "do nothing" understudy role.

Herald Sun: Singer roles go in revamp [25jan06]

The Herald-Sun has broken the news confirming information provided to us late last week from our sources within the Council governance department.

John So's reshuffle follows on from recent revelations of Cr. Gary Singer's professional mismanagement, resulting in at least two jurisdictions expressing concern about his professional practice, and questions surrounding allegations of favouritism in the appointment of his personal partner to a Council funded Arts position.

The restructure announced by the Lord Mayor can only be seen as a vote of no confidence and acknowledgement that the Lord Mayor's choice of Deputy was a mistake. This is not the first time John So has had to distance himself from his choice of Deputy raising further concern about So's ability to provide overall leadership to the City Council.

No care, no responsibility on full pay and benefits.

Cr Singer, who receives twice the allowance of other Councillors, will now do less then half the work but will still continue to receive his allowance and benefits associated with his position as Deputy Lord Mayor. Councillor Singer continues to benefit from lurks and perks of the Deputy Lord Mayor Office, including an "all expenses paid" Council funded self-drive limousine, private office and secretarial support staff. Melbourne's Deputy Lord Mayor is now a position with title but no responsibility.

This is unacceptable.

In the absence of a vote of confidence Councillor Singer MUST resign from the Council and a replacement found.

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