Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Motorcyclists hit the road

The Motorcyclist Riders' Association call on the State Government to review proposals to help reduce congestion

Motorcycle Riders' Association take to the road in protest of proposed changes to bans on lane splitting at intersections which seriously add to the congestion of road traffic and further compromising motorcyclists safety .

Herald Sun: Biker protest [24jan06]

The Government should be listening to the Motorcycle Riders' Association and find a workable solution to perceived problems.

The proposed ban on lane splitting must be reviewed.

The government should consider alternative proposals such as the sharing of designated bike lanes during peak hour traffic. (See link to previous post)

The government spend more money, resources and time addressing issues of cyclists then they do considering the needs of motorcycle riders. Vehicle registration fees are for motorcycles are excessive and should be reduced and more done to encourage and facilitate motorcycle riders needs. The road is there to be shared and motorcyclist are often forgotten or ignored in the process. The Government should reassess this issue.

Motorcycle and motor scooter riders deserve support and encouragement not persecution.

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