Sunday, January 08, 2006

City of Melbourne administration head back to work

Its a new year and members of the City of Melbourne administration are coming back to work this week having had time off for Christmas. Some are still on holidays until after the Australia Day weekend but there Clown Hall stops for no man. They say you can never beat Town Hall. This is true they have more resources and are never held accountable for their mistakes. Whoever we have always maintained that their is a need to maintain for a constant watch over the City administration. We are a wake up to their past deeds and we hope to continue placing on the public record the issues that they do not want made public. We will be continuing this blog as a political record of the true goings on in the City Melbourne.

We welcome your comments, tips and inside information and in particular thank those members of staff that have supplied us with insider information. Rest assured that we value contribution and share you views that the Council should be held accountable for the expenditure of public funds and will at all times respect and protect your identity. All confidential sources will be referred to as the inside Elf.

For those staff that want to contact us they can do so by sending an email to or just leave an anonymous comment attached to any post published on this site. The Internet is a great means of ensuring accountability though providing information. We remind staff NOT TO USE the Council's internet service. They monitor all communications. However that should not stop you from logging on at home or at the internet cafe around the corner.

All the best for the new working year...

Anthony van Der Craats


Anonymous said...

Someone has told me that Town Hall can recreate keyboard strokes if they

Anonymous said...

Anon.. It's possible, it would not surprise me. I have heard of this sort of thing before. The City of Melbourne administration operate on fear and intimidation.

Mind you they need to be a little paranoid. I know of one Councillor how use to leak confidential documents all the time. Gave information about Melbourne's proposed purchase of Melbourne's Airport to the then shadow minister transport.

Then there were constant investigations and intimidation against Councillors and staff for leaking information to the press.

The persistent attacks and accusations against Kevin Chamberlain and other Councillors was amazing really.

All backed up by the false advice and actions by the Lyon den keeper Alison.

It was like something out of a CIA crime movie.

The City of Melbourne thrives on this sort of intimidation.

BEST advice don't trust them.

If you are going to leak information then please use an internet cafe, local library or friends home internet connection.

Don't let their threats and intimidation freak you out or prevent you from disclosing the truth of whats going on. The public have a right to know which far out-weighs the Council's need for confidentiality.

Check out Victoria's Whistleblower legislation.

You can also drop a line into the Herald-Sub,(The Ageless) or write to the Ombudsman.

Its best that they know they are at risk of exposure.

The administration break the law all the time. I know of many occasions where they have released Council documents that according to the Local Government Act they should not have. They know they will never be held accountable through the courts. and if someone tried they would spend up big defending their position at ratepayers expense. They have no guilt at misuse and abuse of Council's resources

More on this later.

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