Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Support for Greater Melbourne on the increase

Proposed merger with City of Yarra, Port Philip and former City of Prahran. Communites reunited

The City of Melbourne should be merged with the City of Yarra, the City of Port Philip and the former City of Prahran - with adjustment to external boundaries to reunite the Kensington and Carlton communities.

Following our earlier post last year in discussion and feedback received there is growing support and desire for more public debate about the merits and feasibility of expanding Melbourne City Council's boundaries. Support for the proposal is growing. Councillors, past and present, associated with the City of Melbourne, City of Yarra, Port Philip and the former City of Prahran have supported the idea and are calling for more public debate. Residents of the Prahran electorate in particular are not happy with the level of services delivered by the City of Stonnington and would favour a merger with the City of Melbourne where there is a greater community of interest.

There are clear economic benefits from such a change. The question is will the State Government consider any changes to the municipal boundaries and encourage further public debate?


Anonymous said...

Great idea. I am sure if opportunity exists you will receive wide support. I am a long term resident of Prahran and feel no affinity with the City of Stonningtom what soever and would welcome the chance to join a Greater City of Melbourne as you have proposed. If our State politicians take up the challenge I am sure this will become a major issue in the State seat of Prahran in the lead up to the November State election. This is a debate that is long overdue. When Jeff Kennett undertook reform of the Municipal boundaries he failed to consult with residents of Prahran and I can assure you this is one of the reasons why the Liberal party has lost support in this area.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:23

Yes I fully agree and understand.

Leonie Burke Liberal member for Prahran certainly did not act in the best interests of her electorate and I am sure this issue played a significant role in her defeat.

Prahran is the only inner city electorate that has changed hands, Robert Millar, ALP, held Prahran until a change in electoral boundaries saw a shift in his political fortunes.

I agree with you that this issue is a vote winner and one that Prahran residents will support.

The City of Melbourne under its current boundaries is just a waste of community resources. An expansion of the City Boundaries would be beneficial overall.

The Kennett Liberal Government failed to consult with the community before imposing their political will. Having control of both houses they were never held accountable until their downfall in 1999.

John Cain proposed reform of the Local Government sector and appointed Stuart Morris as Local Government Commissioner. Stuart unlike Leonie Burke did extensive research and consultation in making his recommendations.

The Kennett Government at the time, having control of the Upper House, voted down the proposed reforms in what was seen as an opportunistic move.

Soon after taking office in 1992 he proceeded to implement Municipal mergers. It s not the merges that were the problem but the process behind the outcomes that were seriously flawed. The changes to the City of Melbourne's boundaries and merger of Prahran with the City of Malvern are just a few examples of flawed outcomes.

Its time for a review an new mergers in the inner city region.

Anonymous said...

what utter crap - the residents you have been talking to must be ALP members, well aware that any such boundary change would hand the ALP control of MCC for ever. any non-ALP resident of Melbourne City will tell you that they resent the enormous rates that are used to fund bad art, subsidise child care, meals & overseas junkets for councillors,& focus on activities in the CBD to the almost total exclusion of the benighted residents beyond it

Anonymous said...


The idea of expanding Melbourne is not related to handing control over to the ALP at least not from my position. It is more about having more efficient and responsible government.

I share your concerns about the junkets and the like and let me assure you that Councilors of all political persuasion are dipping into the Council's Cooke jar and spending up big. I can name Councillors associated with both the ALP and Liberal Parties who are guilty in that respect.

If I get time I will be pleased to do just that.

I am not convinced it would hand over control to the ALP either.

The people I have spoken to are from all sides of the political divide. That's what democracy is all about. Lets debate it and see.

Its hard to get statistics as to the political makeup of an expanded City of Melbourne Council because, remember, businesses and absentee landlords vote also in Council elections as well as residents and not all residents are ALP supporters. Demographics in all areas are changing and people really do not vote along party lines in Local Government. Your comments welcomed.

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