Sunday, December 18, 2005

Greater City of Melbourne - public debate 2006/7

The City of Melbourne is in its second term of office since its last boundary representation review.

Under the terms of the Local Government Act the City of Melbourne and other inner urban municipalities are required to undertake a review of their boundaries and representation model.

We should use this opportunity over the next two years to debate and consider the merits of creating a "Greater City of Melbourne" providing more sustainable and cost effective inner City Governance.


The City of Melbourne should be merged with the City of Yarra, the City of Port Philip and the former City of Prahran - with adjustment to external boundaries to reunite the Kensington and Carlton communities.

The State Government and Local Councils should sponsor a series of public forums in 2006/7 to consider the merits of an expanded Greater City of Melbourne.

In addition to a review of external boundaries we should also review the method of direct election of Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor, the composition and structure of the City Council and its committees with the view of expanding the elected Council to 15 members and the involvement of local representatives and outside professional expertise in policy development and review.


Paula said...

What about Brunswick?

Anonymous said...

I think all options should be considered.

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