Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Government criticises but fails to act

The same criticism applies to the City of Melbourne and the cost of the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor's council funded joy rides along with the extravagant number of staff and councillors' overseas trips. Its time the Government governed.

Don't expect the MAV or VLGA to address this issue after all it is their members that are at work here. They represent councillors' interests first and foremost not ratepayers.

Bracks warns of car perk anger
(mccblog: Whilst Candy fires a broadside shot across the bow)

Tanya Giles and Peter Mickelburough - Herald-sun 20 dec 05

PREMIER Steve Bracks yesterday warned Casey councillors they would face a voter backlash if they awarded themselves ratepayer-funded cars.

"I don't think the public which they serve will be supportive of those arrangements," he said.

"Ultimately the test of that is going to be within councils, within their municipalities, to see whether they are supported."

Mr Bracks recommended the council, in Melbourne's southeast, get the opinions of ratepayers before they went ahead with the move.

Local Government Minister Candy Broad also questioned the idea.

"The Victorian Government expects all elected representatives to act with integrity," she said.

The proposal could cost $440,000 and has outraged resident groups and some councillors.

Councillors -- many of whom last year tried to give themselves a $70,000 pay rise -- are expected to vote on the car plan today.

A draft proposal sent to councillors by Deputy Mayor Rob Wilson recommends all 10 "councillors be offered to be provided with a council vehicle by July 1, 2006, in lieu of travel payment per kilometre".

Casey Mayor Kevin Bradford, who traded in his $85,000 Holden Statesman for a $35,000 Commodore, said he would oppose the move.

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