Sunday, December 11, 2005

CEO rumour files

Melbourne CEO expected to go soon after the commonwealth games

Rumours are abound that Melbourne City Council CEO, David Pitchford will loose his job sometime after the Commonwealth Games.

Talk around the chamber is that John So and other City Councillors are not happy with the beleaguered CEO and his lack-lustre 'stay low' performance, proving ex-councillors Kevin Chamberlain and David Risstrom right.

To top it up his position is constantly being undermined by the Council's governance department and the other City directors who are chipping way at his standing internally adding to his certain demise.

The only question outstanding is one of timing and how to avoid a big compensation payout.

The Melbourne City Council had the same problem with David's predecessor, Michael Malouf.

The City Council in Malouf's case refused to renew his five-year contract. Instead they striked up a deal where the embattled CEO was offered a reduced three-year contract to allow him time to find alternative employment and to make a smooth exit. Under the stewardship of Michael Malouf the City Council became dysfunctional, lacking leadership and professional direction. The quality of governance began to decline and the State Government was left with no alternative but to step in and sack the elected Council. There are many, myself included, that believe Micheal Malouf was to a large part responsible for the demise of the City Council at the time and that he too should have been replaced along with the elected City Council.

Its not going to be as easy with Pitchford, as he has little in the offering. If worst comes to worst his position will not be renewed when his contract is up for renewal but insiders say that John So wants him to go sooner rather then later.

Commonwealth ... Game on.


Anonymous said...

Kate Redwood was the best councillor since the War.

Anonymous said...

Kate was that you? sarcasm becomes you. The fact is Kate Redwood was one of the big travel spenders in the last year of her office. 5 star hotels and exotic places to what benefit. She failed to be re-elected. In fact she has never been elected in her own right - always on the coat tails of someone else - be it Mark Duckworth or dumped former DLM Peter McClown.

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