Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's time to ditch our Right Honourable Lord Mayor

With the new year we should adopt a new flag and strip the Lord Mayor's title

With the coming of the New Year we begin to reflect on our past and look towards the future and the things that we should change.

There are many things on our list, most are talked about but never happen for one reason or another we never get around to doing it.

Issues such as an Australian republic and a new flag that better represents Australia as a developing nation. Victoria should also adopt a new State flag. (The issue of a republic - hopefully a model without a direct elected head of state - will be soon back on the agenda with John Howard's expected retirement)

We need to move on and shrug off our colonial past.

One such issue that we should consider is the abolition of the title "Lord Mayor". A title that puts the Mayor of Melbourne above all other Victorian cities mayors. A title that enables the incumbent to call himself "The Right Honourable Lord Mayor" as he is introduced or referred to in any formal setting.

It's time we changed, time we moved on from our colonial imperial past.

Already we have seen the seeds of change.

Upper House member John Lenders, Leader of the Government in the Victorian Legislative Council and Minister for Major Projects has taken the first step and rejected the use of title "The Honourable" which he is able to claim.

John Lenders is one of a few politicians who has shown integrity and commitment to his beliefs.

Hopefully we will see more and more Government Ministers and members of the Legislative Council abandon this out-dated tradition.

Melbourne no longer holds the same significance and importance as it did when Victoria first started out as a British colony. The City boundaries have changed been reduced, Hoddle's grid has been breach, other cities and municipalities in Victoria have grown in size and now have more people then our capital City.

The head of our City Government no longer needs to retain the title the "Right Honourable Lord Mayor". It a title that is in deceitful and offensive. You do not need a Title to be a leader amongst your peers. The American City of New York is one such example where the title "Mayor" suffices and is well regarded.

The time has come for the City Council to move forward and take the lead by calling on the State Government to legislate the title out of existence and into the past by relegating it to the pages of our history books.

Anthony van der Craats


Anonymous said...

John Lenders was never entitled to be "The Right Honourable" - as a State Minister he was "The Honourable".

Anonymous said...

Ignorance abounds on this site - particularly with the proprietor.

No State MP has ever been entitled to use the title "The Right Honorable" so Anthony has yet again displayed his woeful ignorance - something at which he is truly adept. The first response is correct, the second is blatantly incorrect. Was that you Anthony?

Of course this is yet another MAJOR ISSUE uncovered by this site. Congratulations Anthony. Those in public office have never previously felt such heat and most are no doubt planning their exit strategies as a result.

What an ignorant tosser you are. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

And the Lord Major is not a member of the Privy Council or an adviser to her majesty. time to scrap the title.

I am sure that those in the state Opposition Rooms who are afraid to put their name to their posts and constantly use bad language want to retain our title system..

Move one.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying to rewrite history you fool.

What happened to the second post from "anonymous" trying to back up your untenable position? Are you trying to suggest it never existed? You truly are desperate, aren't you?

You continue to be caught out being loose with the truth. Have you no shame? To insist the John Lenders was a man of principle because he chose not to use the title "The Right Honorable" is clearly a fallacy and a demonstrable one at that. Do you think we all came down in the last shower? Your mention of the Lord Mayor is of no consequence to me - obviously another lame attempt by you to deflect attention from your own stupidity. My only issue was regarding you and your obvious crawling to John Lenders when clearly, yet again, you displayed your woeful ignorance. Lenders is not and never was entitled to use the title "The Right Honorable" despite whatever fairytale you conjure up in your version of Fantasyland. Got it? Is that clear enough for you?

I suspect you have other motivations for your overt sycophancy towards Lenders in this case. Looking for a job are we? Do you really think the Bracks Govt. is that desperate?

P.S. Hey dickhead, what the fuck does "Move one" mean?

Anonymous said...

More abuse and fowl language nothing positive to contribute.

Stuck in the past, full of abuse afraid to put their own name to it all.

Anonymous said...

Lenders certainly has proved his integrity. Lenders was committed to reform of the Legislative Council and held his position and delivered. Previous attempts of reform failed thanks to the likes of Jean McLean, Crawford and co rather then reform the upper house when that had the chance they threaterned to cross the floor before they lost their job.

Jeff Kennett just before the Nunawading By-election made a statement that he would support reform of the upper-house and soon after retracted from his committment. After having secured election in 1992 and control of both houses he went on to abuse his position of power and it wasn't until they lost control of both houses that they reconsidered their position.

Lenders delivered on his committment simple and true.

Anonymous said...

What has this complete crap got to do with the fact that you were completely wrong in your assertion that Lenders had refused to take on the title "The Right Honorable"? The fact that he never had the option in the first place appears to have escaped your tiny mind. That, or you are completely full of shit. Which is it?

Any chance you might address the main point here? What a complete dill you are - and it seems as though you have no problem being identified as such. Do you get off on public humiliation or what?

January 18, 2006 2:37 PM

Anonymous said...

You continue to be abusive and afraid to put your name to your posts (a sure sign of someone to has nothing constructive to contribute to the debate)What is your take you support the use of the title Lord Mayor or not?

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