Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Record breaking day - Traffic Tuesday

Record breaking day. Traffic Tuesday - There should be a Congestion Tax :-)

Today has been our biggest traffic day since we started the Melbourne City Council - Holding them to account web blog. We achieved in the last two days more hits then all other days combined. This is in-part to the recent campaign or awareness we have been involved in.

Letters have been sent to all Members of State Parliament, Members of the ALP policy committees, Local Councils both in Victoria and beyond, environment and civil rights groups, other bloggers and online communities.

It has been helped to a large extent by reports in the media (especially the Herald-Sun) that highlight the rorts and corrupt goings-on both within the City of Melbourne and other municipalities. - The Age has been asleep occupied with layoffs, strikes and a declining reader base.

All in all we are impressed at the level of interest.

We believe there is genuine concern in the community about proper process and the belief that Councillors and Council staff are held accountable for their actions.

To quote Steve Bracks, Victorian Premier, and Candy Broad, Minister for Local Government talking about Council travel rorts:

"I don't think the public which they serve will be supportive of those arrangements" - Steve Bracks

"The Victorian Government expects all elected representatives to act with integrity" - Candy Broad

"Ultimately the test of that is going to be within councils, within their municipalities, to see whether they are supported." - Steve Bracks

Anthony van der Craats
Blog Editor

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