Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Singer's record as Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne

Photo:Cr Singer enjoying the perks of office

November 29, 2004:
Suggests Melbourne could be a gay capital on the day after his election

December 2:
Selected as chairman of Council's Fnance and Corporate Goverance Committee

Calls for a pay rise of his $45,000 allowance the day he's officially sworn in

January 2005:
Alison Lyon, Council Goverance Legal Officer, withdraws publication of Melbourne City Council's "Travel Register" from it internet site - without consent or determination of the elected Council

Cr Singer accused of a coverup by failing to call to account the Council administration and ensure that this public document readily available for open scutiny

February 9:
Turns his nose up at Town Hall catering.

February 11:
Spends $19,000 to overhaul a Town Hall meeting room into a huge private office after he complained his open-plan office was not sound proof

August 5:
Revelations of his spending show he uses his $21,000-a-year ratepayer-funded Holden Statesmen for trips to Morwell, where he has a second residence and works at a law firm

March 20:
Cook fest with Jacques Reymond

April 8:
Embarks on a $13,300 public-funded trip to Milan where he attended a furniture show and rubbed shoulders with supermodel Megan Gale

Announces plans for a $16,000 two-week trip to Boston and New York. Trip costs $19,302 - $3707 above the approved estimate

November 1:
Ratepayer funded expense claims cost more than $22,000 in last quarter. Costs include $16,000 on overseas junkets and almost $2800 for interstate travel, $1000 for phone services, almost $2800 for fees for conferences and functions

November 11:
Fined $10,000 and ordered to pay $8000 in costs after pleading guilty to misconduct as a lawyer

November 22:
Singer faces the chorus following calls for his resigation arising financial mismanagement of his legal practice

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