Wednesday, November 23, 2005

No vote of confidence in Singer's performance

Melbourne City Council fails to express confidence in it's Deputy Lord Mayor amidst new allegations of wrong doing
Whilst the Lord Mayor, John So, seeks advice from Victorian State Government - Local Government Minister, Candy Broad, about Cr Singer's position, the Council puts on hold the fate of the off-key DLM Singer.

Link to original story in Melbourne's Herald-Sun

It's not a question of if Gary Singer has breached the Local Government Act as a result of his professional financial mismanagement, he has not, it is a question of good governance and confidence in his ability to remain as chairman of the City Council's finance committee.

It's up to the elected Council to judge Singer's performance, not Candy Broad. It is the elected Council that appointed him to it's finance, audit and investment committees and it is their decision if he is allowed to continue in that role given he has now been found guilty of professional financial mismanagement.

The question that needs to be ask is "what's in the best interest of the City as a whole?" There is no doubt that Singer's decline in his professional standing has brought the reputation of not only himself by also the City of Melbourne into question.

The Melbourne City Council can not sack Cr Singer from his position of Deputy Lord Mayor. He was directly elected along with the Lord Mayor Cr John So. This is one of the identified problems associated with the direct-election model. But the Melbourne City Council can and should decide his fate as chairman of the Council's Finance, Audit and Investment Committees.

Already two City Councillors, Cr Peter Clark and Cr Faser Brindely, have spoken out and called for Singer to stand down and hand over his position of chairman of the Council's Committees to his understudies.

Committee chairmanship come-up for review next month marking the first-year anniversary of the current elected Council.

New allegations of mismanagement in relation to superannuation payments, that have just emerged, bring in to further contention John So's choice of his deputy and Cr. Singer's suitability to remain in the Finance position.

Link to original story in Melbourne's Herald-Sun

If John So and Cr Singer will not act to protect the reputation and interest of the City Council then the onus is on the City Council. They have an obligation, right and duty to act.

The Council must now consider a vote of confidence in the Deputy Lord Mayor.

This is not a question that can be left unaddressed by taking no-action, as is the normal practice of the City Council, doing nothing will not resolve the situation or instill public confidence in the Melbourne City Council's administration and governance.

Cr Singer must demonstrate that he has the full confidence of the City Council or resign.

Anthony van der Craats

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The fat lady is singing, Gary, for God's sake go. You are unfit for the office you hold.

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