Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Silence of the lambs

Do nothing John So casts vote to prevent debate and discussion

Melbourne City Council on Tuesday night under the "leadership of John So" voted down a motion to consider options for a possible expansion of Melbourne City Council's boundaries.

Cr Peter Clark had proposed that the City Council enter into dialog with its neighbouring municipalities about the possibility of a merger and creation of a Greater City of Melbourne. A move that would have seen the Kensington, Carlton and Prahran,South Yarra communities united under one Council.

So much for cummmunity particpation and debate.

The motion (which received 4 votes in favor and 4 votes against) was voted down by John So using his casting vote to silence debate.

John So continues to display a real lack of vision and wiliness to consider the hard issues. Instead he continues to spend-up big in an effort of self promotion. John So was recently voted Number one World Lord Mayor. The talk around the City Council by senior officers is that John went all out, a bit like being a beauty contestant, to try and win the acclaimed recognition.

"If only he had a real view or vision instead of wanting to be a mascot"

Full brownie points for Cr Shanahan who second the motion supported by Councillors Brindely and Snedden.

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